Roleplay / Rex Eighty Four

A roleplay created on NationStates by Ceannairceach, and included in Nightkills Shit.

At the beginning of 2012, in the first hours of the new year, Occupy Wall Street protestors took to the streets in a largely peaceful protest, only turned violent and riotous by a few unsavory fellows who were quickly felled by police or protestors. This took a turn for the worse, however, as they reached Time Square, and only a short hour after they arrived, violence broke out between the protestors and New Year's revelers.

As the situation quickly became a riot—Occupy protestors going as far as to near beat to death those revelers that had, allegedly, instigated the conflict and revelers and more insidious protestors taking the opportunity to loot stores—police attempted to coral the violence as best as possible, but they were no match for the tide of human flesh that enveloped their lines. Eventually, deadly force was used by one of the officers as he drew a pistol on a man, unknown as to if he was aligned with the protestors, revelers or simply a bystander, and shot him through the chest as he approached "with weapon in hand", as the police report later stated, somewhat controversially, as no weapon was ever found.

The violence, after news of this shot rang around the city, escalated ten fold, with outright attacks against police began on nearly every street that was crowded with protestors and revelers. By the end of the night, the violence had been stopped, but some sixty eight civilians and nineteen officers laid dead, and over two hundred were wounded in the riots, known today as the "Occupy Wall Street Riot" to those who support the actions of the police, and the "Occupy Wall Street Massacre" to those who throw their lot in with the accused.

Sadly, the violence did not stop here; Up and down the east coast, riots took control of the major cities, going so far that the mayor of Trenton was killed by a stray bullet as he attempted to calm the protestors. It was these riots, and the growing discontentment with the government throughout the year, that caused Obama to lose the election to third party candidate Victor Synthase, running for the "New Freedom Party", a radical right-wing organization that promised to utterly change the way the government ran "in the favor of the people". Though vague, his promises inspired many people, and thus won him the election.

As time went on, however, and riots still plagued some cities in varying degrees of severity, Victor Synthase unlocked his secret weapon; In the waning days of 2013, President Synthase declared martial law under "the ideas set forth by Readiness Exercise 84", more commonly known as Rex 84. Military officials were placed in command of civilian governments and the constitution was suspended, giving the president unlimited control over the government and nation. Supported by the military, President Synthase became "Chief Emergency Executive of the United States of America", disbanding the Congress and establishing himself as a dictator for life.

CEE Synthase used violent force and subversive measures to round up all potential insurgents and silence all discontent, going so far as to repeat the Occupy incident in 2012 by ordering troops to open fire on "armed and dangerous insurgents bent on destroying the American way". Synthase became known as a horrible tyrant across the world, and despite their loathing of him, foreign nations could do nothing to stop him due to his military power. When he withdrew from the United Nations and declared the constitution void for the duration of his leadership, he was truly set up as the worst executive in United States history.

It wasn't until 2017, four years into his leadership and long after he consolidated his rule, that true, armed insurgency rose up against the Chief Emergency Executive. It was decided by several originally peaceful groups that demonstration in a peaceful manner was no longer efficient. These groups declared themselves the Homeland Liberation Front, and, armed with weapons taken before the federal mandate confiscating all private guns and those smuggled in from Canada and Mexico, took an active role in activities against the government, from bombing campaigns to minor ambushes like the ones seen on that small street.

Sadly, by 2019, the Homeland Liberation Front had fallen to infighting and betrayal, and broke apart due to differences in the ideal form of government they wished to impose should they become victorious, as a mere common enemy was not enough; A rough majority wanted to simply restore the Constitution of the United States, but even this group was perverse with different ideas largely fractionated between the remnants of the Republican and Democratic parties. Others wished to establish a communist paradise, an anarchy, or even an autocracy with a different ruler. Too many opinions, some radical and some reasonable but unheard, were covered by the Homeland Liberation Front, and thus, it did not survive.

This is not to say insurgency died with it, however. A husk of the Homeland Liberation Front, known as the Constitutional Government of the People, has taken up the banner of the HLF, that being simply thirteen stripes, alternating white and red, to associate themselves with the Sons of Liberty and the former United States, but removing the blue corner and white stars, which is still used on the current government flag.

Others have also risen up. Prominent politicians and defectors from the military have risen up to either restore the old government, form a new one, or install themselves in power. Even others rise up to simply secede their home state from the greater union. America is a battlefield not only for liberty, but for ideology.

It currently stands that the government, with its superior arms and supplies, has the ultimate chance of success in this war for the future of the United States, but the insurgents are not discounted quite yet; Should one group rise above the others and united the feuding rebel factions, they could easily overcome the government forces through sheer force alone.

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