Roleplay / Rainbow Warriors

Rainbow Warriors is a roleplay found on Gaia Online. The story begins with the Overlord of Darkness not only stealing the sacred Orb of Light, but the Queen of the Rainbow Kingdom as well. The eldest son, charged with both, was away at a tea party hosted by the youngest daughter, not that he would have been much help anyway. The late king of the Rainbow Kingdom split the land between his four children and gave them warriors with special abilities to help in defending and running the newly split land. Now the royal children and their warriors must rescue the Queen and the Orb of Light.

The thread can be found here.

And how about that character sheet?

This roleplay provides examples of:

  • Ancient Artifact: The Orb of Light could be called this.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Both the males and females. This is practically the whole idea behind Clovis.
  • Evil Overlord: Clovis, the Overlord of Darkness.
  • Forbidden Zone: The Overlord of Darkness's forest sure is creepy!
  • Rainbow Motif: The Rainbow Warriors. Full stop.
  • Triang Relations: #3 applies to Caius and Liam who both want Harper. While Harper doesn't hate the boys (and even maybe likes them), she doesn't seem particularly interested in either.