Roleplay: REVERIE

Bright happy Pikachus, a bunch of people out to save the world, blood flying everywhere...

Wait, what?

Located somewhere in Gaia Online's forums, REVERIE focuses on a bunch of people who've been assigned to take down Team Rocket's latest evil evil plot. Team Rocket? Yes, Team Rocket. But they're not as dumb or as fail as they like to pretend. You see all those cute little Pokemon around? Well, they're BrainwashedAndCrazy. Emphasis on the crazy. And very likely to kill our dear protagonists. They've been split up into little groups by the Inter-regional Police, which happens to be led by a group of suspiciously familiar people with suspiciously familiar code names...

Anyways, they're out to SaveTheWorld from Team Rocket's latest nefarious scheme. By any means necessary. Even if they end up killing off or blowing up Team Rocket's base. With them still inside.

And you thought Pokémon was for kids.

Character page is HERE.

This role play contains examples of the following Tropes