Queen of Hearts is an all-female LiveJournal RP for girls and gender-swapped males of various canons, such as VideoGame/{{Touhou}}, Franchise/FinalFantasy, and AxisPowersHetalia.

Feel free to put up some tropes!

The game was originally located on [[http://queenofheartsrp.dreamwidth.org/profile Livejournal]], but it later moved to [[http://queenofheartsrp.dreamwidth.org/profile Dreamwidth]]. The game is now closed, and is instead an musebox which is open to former players.

!!Tropes for this game:
* LadyLand \ ImprobablyFemaleCast: There are absolutely ''no males'' in this game.
* LesYay: The Queen even encourages it.
* LaResistance