A post-to-play forum role-playing game on the Wayfinder Experience forum, created and run by Klawz.
The story takes place in the fictional village of Babylon, NY. It revolves around a group of middle school students and their teachers.

On hiatus as of March 20, to be brought back after Electric.
!!Player Characters
* Levi Haystead: An introverted nerd who was raised by his parents to be strictly Christian. Associated animal: [[TheOwlKnowingOne Horned Owl]]
* Hayden Newbury: A constantly bored dreamer who can't wait to get a chance to leave the small town.Associated animal: Caterpillar-as-Metamorphosis.
* Akira Date: A ''Franchise/KamenRider'' {{Expy}} who lives a rather normal life, with better-than-average grades and a tendency towards kindness. Associated animal: Fox
* Erica Sykes: An over-imaginative bookworm with a love for photography.
* Aidyn Gainey: An artistic boy with a dead little sister and a talent for music. Associated animal: Kestrel
* Faymek: A NewTransferStudent who is looking for a group to join in with immediately, but is picky about his friends.
* David Gost: A drifter with friends in every social group. Not a part of the adventurers' party.
!!This work provides examples of:

* TeasingCreator: Klawz makes a habit of giving cryptic hints in out of character conversation. It's gotten to the point that he's been known to compare himself to Creator/AndrewHussie jokingly.
* PerspectiveMagic: Used at one point with a small dreamcatcher, for an unknown reason.
* UpgradeArtifact: Totems. They reflect aspects of people in the form of animals, and give power boosts to their possessors.
* UrbanFantasy: At least at the beginning.
* WideEyedIdealist: [[WordOfGod Hayden Newbury.]]