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Roleplay: Olympian RPG
Olympian RPG is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus roleplaying site where it follows the canon storyline, and roleplay usually takes place after the recently published book of the series (eventually occurring Time Skips between roleplaying), though exceptions may occur. While it follows mainly canon and the rules surrounding it, there are some rules that are bended for the roleplayers. For example, children of the Big Three other than the canons are accepted (but right now, they are not accepting any B3 kids).

The site accepts Original Characters; you can be a demigod (though if said half-blood is an original, they will have to start as a mortal until they reach 500 drachmas), a god, a satyr, etc., and they allow you to create and control two characters, though you are allowed to create a second one after reaching 2000 drachmas with your first character. Canons as seconds are somewhat encouraged, if their firsts aren't.

At first glance, the place may look strict and all, but the people are actually pretty cool and fun to hang out with.

Has their own wiki to keep up with the plots and characters.

Provides examples of:

Setting Tropes imported from the two canon series:

A New AgeTroper WorksOrder Of The Broken Arrow

alternative title(s): Olympian RPG
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