Roleplay / Maid RPG Nationstates

An RP on NationStates created by Rupudska, and inspired and using rules from the homonymous Maid Rpg tabletop game.It is included in the Nightkills Shit Multiverse.

You. Yes, you. You are a maid.

This RP is based around the Maid Rpg, where the non-O Ps play as maids in a mansion. I get to be the owner, since I'm OP/GM. It basically revolves around the Anime concept of maids, and the tropes that apply to them. All of them. It's quite plainly a Weird Japanese Thing, and can (And in our case, probably will), incorporate any and every trope applied to anime in the history of anime. And that's a lot of tropes.

Here, you can choose the character names, but you don't have to roll for the other stuff, as opposed to the actual tabletop RPG version of Maid RPG. While you can easily play The Loonie, please remember that this RP can and will dive into the serious business territory. Not sure if OP is serious? Try me. I can summon grues.

By the way, your boss is a complete badass who lives in the Australian countryside. He's filthy rich, and has a bunch of cars (One of which is a time-travelling Ford Falcon). He is just that rich. He's also strong enough to beat ANY of you into submission if he feels inclined to do so. Which means that will happen if I think you are being stupid.

Maid RPG Nationstates contains examples of: