Roleplay / Lets Work Together

Yes. Let's.

"It all starts with an obsession..."
ŚLucas Lane

Let's Work Together is a weekly Genius: The Transgression game set across the globe (mostly London and Chicago) The world is comprehensive, including elements of several other New World of Darkness settings, including Mage: The Awakening, and Vampire: The Requiem. The story is set a year after the continuing continuity of the morphE game being run by one of the player characters. The plot follows psychologist Dr. Channery Keene, fashionable college student Charlotte Aranda and southern belle vampire Scarlett Upshaw as they are thrust in to the rich history of the Genius community and the mysteries which surround the death of it's most prominent figure Maniac Madsen.

The game begun with a test session run during autumn 2011 and the GM has been running an ARG game with images and audio hinting at plot points and the vast history (as seen in the fake wikipedia page for GenCon. Sessions began in Janurary 2012 and this page will be expanded to keep up with plot points and tropes.

This game provides examples of: