Keybreak Clan Homestead is a freeform RP taking place on an island. The "universe" is quite fantasy-like, but set in modern times.

Recently, a plot has begun to emerge involving Fae, how long/if this plotline will stick around is anyone's guess.

!!This roleplay provides examples of:

* TheBeastmaster - Spain Sun by extension of her CompellingVoice
* BiggerOnTheInside - The Mansion
* TheChewToy - Arcolops
* CompellingVoice - The Fae, and Spain Sun
* DefeatMeansFriendship - Upon being defeated, one of the Fae was reformed into Luca, a boy, who is utterly harmless.
* FairFolk - The Fae and Half-Fae, there may be others.
* HalfHumanHybrid - Spain Sun (who is Half-Fae)
* {{Psychic Powers}} - Keybreak
* SarcasticDevotee - Arcolops
* TakenForGranite - Ozbourne
* TeamMom - Daltar
* TechnicalPacifist - Also Ozbourne