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Roleplay: Invictus Falling
Invictus, Goddess of the Sun. Maenon, God of the Moon. Ymir, God of the Earth. They are the trinity.
But there has been a shift. From the south come tales of uprising, as the natural order is distorted.
Tales of a mysterious power, of chaos, of death. Of a new, dark star.
Invictus Falling

In the realm of Levant, the inhabitants all possess animalistic traits, with hierarchy being determined by one's position on the food chain. Predators rule the land, and the prey remain deferential; such is the way of life. It is kill or be killed.

Invictus Falling is a Roleplay that focuses on a group of unlikely companions from all walks of life, summoned forth by the Goddess to quell the rising evil in the South.

Yet how can they do so, when each one can hardly tolerate the other?

The Characters:

  • Dulce Manilata the Scarlet Macaw.
  • Fauves Cervidae the White Tail Deer.
  • Leon Felidae the Lion.
  • Lynna Felidae the Lion.
  • Njeri Suricata the Meerkat.
  • Taliesin Arctos the Arctic Wolf.
  • Vermell Ailuris the Red Panda.
  • Zanthe Virgata the Siberian Tiger.
  • Zydras Melyna the Sea Swallow.

Invictus Falling provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): Invictus Falling
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