Roleplay / Infinite Eclipse

"Once upon a time, there was a calf. This calf was the pride and joy of the farmer who raised her. She was so beautiful that the farmer planned on having her as the centerpiece of the Harvest Festival once she came of age."

"One day, while she was grazing in the field, the calf came across a serpent."

"From The Serpent and the Calf, local folk tale."

A completed Play by post RPG by GraciousVictory, Infinite Eclipse (found here) has the player Sasha and her girlfriend, Irina, following cryptic clues scattered all over their seemingly-vacant town, piecing together the twisted truth behind the '''Harvest Festival''' their town celebrates.

Infinite Eclipse is followed by two sequels, Storybook and Ghost Story.

Tropes that appear in Infinite Eclipse: