Roleplay / Ilasgoc

"People have died, Aaron’s infused with the power of Giratina, Kotone has unleashed her satanic powers, Georgia’s on a god complex streak, Roxanne wants to take over the world, people have been brought back from the dead countless times
Not to mention Wallace is super saiyan rn and Steven just seppuku’d
And Ghetsis has no head
All because of a single Bidoof"

It's Like a Simple Game of Chess or "Ilasgoc" is an alternate universe Pokémon roleplay in which "arceus smoked hella weed before creating the cosmos and everyone in the resulting existence are over the top caricatures of cultural stereotypes". As can be expected, Hilarity Ensues, mostly of the What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs? variety.

Ilasgoc provides examples of: