Roleplay / Hope's Requiem
"Character Positioning has no relation to plot relevance." -Alex
Danganronpa: Hope's Requiem is a Discord-based roleplay group featuring custom cutscenes, opening, and executions.The story follows a group of 18 Hope's Peak Academy students in the year 2132, 120 years after the events of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Society has rebuilt itself and Monokuma has become a worldwide terror symbol. In this new Hope's Peak Academy, the reserve course does not return.

These 18 students were lucky enough to be randomly selected for the first "cruise of a lifetime" opportunity for Ultimates sponsored by Charon Enterprises and approved by Hope's Peak Academy. On this cruise ship, Hijinks and murder ensues.

Danganronpa: Hope's Requiem contains examples of:

  • Hanging Judge: Monokuma and occasionally The Monokubs.
  • Children Forced to Kill: Danganronpa and by extension this Roleplay focuses around the a group students forced into a closed space and told to kill each other in order to escape.
  • Public Execution: Chapter 1's the Gallows motive and all of the blackened executions.
  • Cast Full of Gay: The game's cast became home to an incredible amount of gay/queer shipping that became the butt of jokes among the group.
    • Ryouta, Kindness, and Yuuto became involved in a love triangle chapter 2 with Kindness and Ryouta beginning to ship chapter 1.
    • Reikai and Pion (Malory) began dating chapter 1. However, in chapter 2, it was revealed Reikai was actually straight.
    • Shoichi and Luka began dating chapter 1.
    • Masaki is canonically gay.
    • Hilariously, Ryo and Alan are the only male characters within the cast that don't appear to be gay/bisexual. Reikai, so far, is the only confirmed female character that is straight, with other females being gay/bisexual, or up in the air.
    • Riko has been canonically bisexual since Chapter one. She's been attracted to both male and female cast members and has canonically had a girlfriend before the game.

  • Drugs Are Bad: Since Chapter 2, weed has been a mayor catalyst in certain events happening:
    • Kindness ate some of Reikai's medical marijuana in the form of brownies in chapter 2. This, when paired with Reikai deciding to confess to Kindness in private, desiring to pretend he was her lover, ended up spiraling out of control, to the point where Ryouta almost killed her, after Reikai tried to keep the under-the-influence Kindness in her room to avoid Ryouta learning he had gotten high.
    • Riko got yelled at by Yuuto because she tried to manipulate Misa into giving her drugs.