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Roleplay: Haven Quest
The main cast of Haven Quest II

The first in the beloved Troper Quest series, HavenQuest was a refreshing take on old JRPG classics, set in the World of Tropes, an unusually genre-savvy land. It began with a young man, Haven, seeking the Great Sage Nyktos to discover that he was the Main Character of Real Life. One epic quest later, he discovered that at the root of many of the problems he encountered was the evil scientist, Miijhal. After gathering his True Companions, he faced a Hostile Show Takeover, which led to a 10-Minute Retirement—before busting down the door to Miijhal's lair to save his ally Tzetze.

A dramatic showdown ensued, the strength of which spawned many Troper Quest games. Unfortunately, most are obscure and hard to come by (particularly Miijhal Quest, because it kills you, and Venhax Quest, because it does worse). However, a sequel was recently released. It's certainly a very different beast than its predecessor. In particular, in the first, Haven is the main character, while in the second, he's the macguffin.

Currently being liveblogged here.

Haven Quest contains examples of:

Haven Quest II: The Venhax Seqtux provides examples of:

Haunted SummerTroper WorksThe Headhunt

alternative title(s): Haven Quest
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