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Let's see if we can get this to make sense.

A multifandom [[PlaybyPostGames Livejournal]] roleplaying game set [[AfterTheEnd in the aftermath]] of an unknown apocolyptic event on a planet called Fortuna. Players control characters taken by a group of scientists to Fortuna, and dumped in the deteriorated remains of the city Discedo. Said characters struggle to survive through various [[TheWorldIsAlwaysDoomed events]] thrown at them by nature or the scientists themselves.

The game was originally located at [[http://community.livejournal.com/discedo/profile LiveJournal]], but it then later moved to [[http://discedo.dreamwidth.org/profile Dreamwidth]].

This article is still under heavy construction.
!!This roleplay provides examples of:

[[folder: Tropes related to the NPC Characters.]]
!![[TheGroup The Scientists]]
* '''Holden''': For a long time the leader of the scientists, Holden was a major {{JerkAss}} who delighted in picking on and abusing the city. Eventually it was discovered that he had orchestrated the entire Hollisland Invasion, and he was banished from Discedo by Q and Knowlton.
** JerkAss
** PutOnABus
** SmugSnake
* '''Ace''': One of the original scientists, Ace was the friendliest and could often be found in the city, interacting with other residents and granting their requests.
** FriendlyEnemy: In a sense, since the scientists are generally thought of by the player characters as the bad guys of the game. Ace, however, was known as "Sweet One" and was friendly with many until she was PutOnABus.
* '''Q''': A newer scientist, Q arrived in Discedo a year ago after having been traveling elsewhere. For a while she was Holden's lackey, but then stood against him when she discovered his goals, taking on the leadership role himself. She's quiet, but wants a good relationship with the residents, and wants to help them in any way that she can.
** BewareTheNiceOnes
** OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Her real name is Quintessa.
** SmarterThanYouLook: Or at least a lot more competent.
** TookALevelInBadass: The unanimous reaction to Q shooting Holden: woah.
* '''Lolita''': A mysterious and partially insane scientist. She's been in Discedo from the beginning, but requires a lot of caretaking and isn't very active.
** SaveThePrincess: (Save the scientist). She has been rescued by the characters twice in plots.

* '''Thomas Knowlton''': A man from Hollisland, a country across the world and Discedo's old enemy. Dying of the Atropos virus he came to Discedo in search of the cure for himself and his companions, desperately killing [[Series/{{House}} Cuddy]] and holding others hostage. In the end, he fell victim to the disease, but was spared by the city. After his recovery, he spent some time in jail before breaking free and allying himself with his former enemy, Q.
** [[UsefulNotes/AustralianAccent Kiwi Accent]]
** CharacterDevelopment: Was originally meant to be a one-shot character, killed off after a few days.
** HatesEveryoneEqually: Or so he claims.
** MeaningfulName: Named for a famous American Revolutionary War spy, and was a spy himself.
** PerpetualExpression: Seems to go about his day linefacing. Has yet to smile, laugh, or frown.
** ReformedButRejected: Assuming he really has reformed, anyway.
* '''Klaus''': A hermit who lived in a cabin in the woods outside of Discedo and died there alone of natural causes. He apparently grew up in Discedo, but left when things started to go bad.
** PosthumousCharacter: Was first encountered in the spring of 2010… as a skeleton. Has been mentioned in several plots since.
** AlasPoorYorick: His skull was used to act out the scene in question, no less.
* '''Molly''': The head anchor of Discedo's 8 O'Clock News. Loud, obnoxious, crazy, childish, and more than slightly snarky.
** ComedicSociopathy: That's putting it lightly.
** DeadAllAlong: Is revealed to be a ghost. Doesn't seem to care.
* '''Steven''': Field reporter for the 8 O'Clock News. He studies monsters and gets injured. A lot.
** DeadAllAlong: Like his coworkers, has been dead for years.
** OnlySaneMan: Among the news team, anyway.
* '''Michael''': Weatherman for the 8 O'Clock News. The youngest of the group, and a bit of a nervous wreck.
** ButtMonkey: Molly's favorite person to torment.
** DeadAllAlong: Is also a ghost.
** OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Referred to as "Sparkles" constantly.


[[folder: Tropes related to the rest of the game.]]
* AbsurdlySpaciousSewer: There are monsters living in it.
* AdvancedAncientAcropolis: To an extent: Fortuna had tanks in the 19th century.
* AnachronismStew: With characters from so many different genres and timelines, this is a given.
* AnyoneCanDie: Played with to its fullest extent. Animals, children, random bystanders... Justified, given the premise of the game.
** BackFromTheDead: Characters revive afterwards. May be DeathIsCheap.
* AppliedPhlebotinum: The chips that every character arrives with are basically this.
* AfterTheEnd: The game takes place several years after most of the world's population has been wiped out.
* AllNationsAreSuperpowers: Of the five we've heard of, at least four of them were this.
* AllPlanetsAreEarthlike: Fortuna has two moons, but is otherwise almost identical to Earth.
* ApocalypseHow: Though the people within the city are still largely unaware of what exactly happened.
* ApocalypticLog: Various records have been found from before the world went to hell.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: The appropriately named Fourth Wall Days.
* BreatherEpisode: Between bloody invasions, monster horde attacks and living nightmares, the characters frequently find time to [[MoodWhiplash throw holiday festivals and bake birthday cakes.]]
* CatchPhrase
** "__________?! In ''MY'' Discedo?!"
** "At least I'm not [[VideoGame/SilentHill1 Harry Mason]]."
** In chat: "...[[NotWhatItLooksLike What did]] [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything I come back to?]]"
** "[[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Denmark]] is a ho."
* CityInABottle: The game's setting for the first two years. Attempts to explore didn't go far, and there were no signs that anyone else survived anywhere else. Then a plane appeared…
* CityWithNoName: Discedo has a name, but a surprising amount of landmarks around it—like the lake it rests on—do not.
* ClingyMacGuffin: The communicators can't be destroyed and always come back if you lose them.
* CommLinks: The aforementioned communicators.
* ContinuityNod: Several, both in plots and by players.
** The volcano. A year after it erupted, we meet a survivor of it.
** The sword hanging in the Northern Lights.

* TheEmpire: Played with. Hollisland *was* this… two hundred years ago. Now they're even worse off than Discedo is.
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs: A running joke in the game is the demand for raptors. In November 2010, players finally got their wish.
* FandomNod: Characters sometimes lampshade various happenings in their canon in-game.
* FantasyCounterpartCulture: Discedo and the surrounding countries are based on Rome/Greece. Hollisland is Germanic (Prussia and The Netherlands).
* FictionalCountry: Several, all based on European ones.
* ForeignCussWord: The in-game language barrier allows several characters to have fun with this.
* FountainOfYouth / OvernightAgeUp: Has been used in a few popular events.
* {{GMPC}}: The Scientists, played by the mods. Also the only original characters.
* GratuitousForeignLanguage: crops up now and then, thanks to a lack of automatic translation in the city.
* GratuitousLatin: Much of the place names are in Latin.
* TheHecateSisters: If you see reference to the moirai, duck.
* IncurableCoughOfDeath: Played seriously—the Atropos virus manifests with this and a low fever. It's 100% lethal.
* LeaveNoSurvivors: The Hollisland army explicitly planned this. On the other hand, Discedo did the same thing.
* LiteralGenie: To an extent. Characters can ask the scientists for items. The scientists often take advantage of ambiguities in the request to mess with them.
* LocalHangout: The Northern Lights bar is probably this.
* LoveTriangle: There have been several, most notably [[Manga/OnePiece Zoro]]/[[Manga/MagicKnightRayearth Umi]]/[[Manga/OnePiece Sanji]] and [[VideoGame/{{Suikoden}} Tir]]/[[VideoGame/KiniroNoCorda Kazuki]]/[[VideoGame/{{Persona 4}} Naoto]], both of which lasted months.
* MoodWhiplash: See BreatherEpisode above.
* NamesTheSame: But as a MegaCrossover, that's a given.
* NewsBroadcast: A weekly news report giving the weather, updates on events, and monster activity. The subject matter is usually serious, but the presentation is rather [[MoodWhiplash funny]]
* OddFriendship: Par for the course for a MegaCrossover.
* PoliceAreUseless: Several attempts to keep a police force running in the city have infamously ended in failure thanks to ValuesDissonance on the part of the characters.
* PowerIncontinence: Removing the ability-suppressing chip results in a week of haywire powers. This can range from hilarious to horrifying depending on the character, and is the most common event in the game.
* PowerNullifier: The chips.
* ProperlyParanoid: Gohl House is the [[VideoGame/{{Pandemic}} Madagascar]] of Discedo. Fair enough, since their roof has been destroyed at least four times in about two years.
* RandomEncounters: The city is home to monsters from the various canons of the characters in the game. Subverted in that the players often can choose whether to encounter them or not
* RocksFallEveryoneDies: A theme in several plots, from earthquakes to invading armies.
* RunningGag
** [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia The countries]] having really wild New Year's parties resulting in one of them vanishing.
** America and Denmark asking the scientists for a helicopter made of guns.
** [[VideoGame/{{Suikoden}} Tir]] falling out of windows.
** Accidental Sex Posts and posts that sound like sex but aren't. Taken UpToEleven with America and Denmark having very a suggestive-sounding post that was actually… castrating horses.
** Pupcats. Finally showed up in physical form in the museum. Similarly, orcas.
** The fucking mistletoe.
** [[VideoGame/{{Persona 3}} Shinjiro]] being compared to a cactus.
* ShipTease: Runs wild during the yearly mistletoe event.
* SuspiciouslySmallArmy: Justified in that the rest Hollisland was already dead and the 'army' was made up of the few survivors.
* SweetPollyOliver: The game has had several of these over the years.
* SweetOnPollyOliver: …Leading in several cases to this.
* TheOtherDarrin: With the constant drops and re-appings, multiple versions of a character are often seen. Generally, [[LaserGuidedAmnesia they don't remember their previous stay]]
* TrappedInAnotherWorld: The plot. Some people are used to it.
* TrueCompanions: So, so many. Sometimes causes [[IntercontinuityCrossover Intercontinuity Crossover]].
* UrbanWarfare: Comes up every time there's an invasion of some kind, whether by armies or monsters.