Roleplay / Derelict Dreams

Can't you see what this is?! This is a golden oppertunity! I can finally leave the dump! I can... I can finally make some Moolah!! I can stop living amongst rot and filth!!
Diana G. Gerrim.

Derelict Dreams is an Forum Adventure styled story created by Dexexe1234.

Diana wakes to just another day in the Sandravin Waste Disposal Facility, the dump she calls her home. After scrounging for food like always, she happens upon an oppertunity to get out of the mess she has lived in daily and finally make a life for herself.

The story runs on Dexexe1234's website,, but it gains "commands" from it's thread on the forum Eagle-time

Tropes found in Derelict Dreams

  • Action Girl: Diana may be just a bum, but she seems able to kick some ass if needed, as is shown with how she handled the four legged Grimeborn.