Roleplay / Demon Hunter Guilds

Demon Hunter Guilds is a fantasy RPG that is set in modern day. It deals wtih several factions of demon hunters who have different ideals and philosophies on hunting and killing demons. The gates of hell have been slowly opening over time and since modern day, have been ripped open giving new freedom to demons and other evil spirits. There are several types of demons based on the Seven Deadly Sins and Lilith has a court in Hell as well. Since the times of the Bible, there have been many demon hunting factions, but now it is only four.

Contrary to the description, the plot is mostly character motivated now and there is just as much drama inside of the each of the factions of hunters as in the outside world where demons occasionally wreak havoc.

There is also a magic system which states that certain people have the capcity to use magic it just needs a strong emotion to break the mental barrier that prevents it. It's usually caused by something traumatic, but often it can be something that is simply overpowering.

The factions use different tactics to fight demons:

The Order of Eradicto Pravus: Primarily uses magic to fight demons, different types of personality manifest different magic. There are two types: passive and agressive magic. Passive magic is support magic and agressive magic is a fighting magc.

Seidhrfolk: (Say-thur-fohlk) They are the people that use physical prowess to fight demons. People in the Seidhrfolk tend to dislike magic, but it is not uncommon that they will use a magically powered weapon or item. They will fight with old types of weapons (bows and arrow, swords and sheilds, etc.) as well as new types of weapons (guns, grenades, etc.).

The Church of Sacred Light: Religion of any kind is the weapon of the Church, they exist together simply to trade ideas and because separated they are weak. They use a type of magic that is faith based and can work with anything from crosses and holy water to the written word.

Chao Xi: (Chow Zi) This faction is much younger than the other three, they work in pairs as a Ni Huo and a Long Shui. Their magic is essentially the same as the Order's but rely more on auras and chakra than willpower. A Ni Huo is the fighting part of a pair that uses their fiery emotions and strong passions along with capable physical fighting to weaken a demon and the Long Shui is well versed in banishment, portal, and healing spells along with a complimentary physical fighting ability.

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