Roleplay / Dawn Of Worlds

Dawn of Worlds is a Tabletop Game that is distributed for free. Find it here. Unlike most role playing games, in which the players roleplay as mortals on quests inside a world, Dawn of Worlds has the players roleplay as gods making an entirely new world—a collaborative world-building exercise.

Gameplay is divided into three phases: the First Age, wherein the gods shape the world, creating forests, mountains, rivers, deserts, swamps, etc., the Second Age, wherein the world is populated by races, and the Third Age, wherein the various races of the world interact with each other. Note that each Age is not exclusively about one aspect of the game; a mountain can be raised in the Third Age, but it will cost more power to do so. Power is determined each turn by rolling a 2d6, and players receive power bonuses by finishing a turn with five power or less.

This game provides examples of