Roleplay / Dangan Ronpa Gold
Go for the gold!

Dangan Ronpa Gold is a Tumblr roleplay designed by previous Doubt Academy Hopeful/Tumblr User, omegatrimadness

As in the Visual Novels, a group of elite students, each possessing a talent considered to be incredibly vast for their age, find themselves trapped inside a twisted mockery of Hope's Peak Academy by Monobear. Forced into a mutual killing game, they're presented with various motives to murder their peers, then ordered to investigate the crimes to try and determine who is responsible.

But there's something different this time around; Monobear is a little more sadistic in this alternate universe. Now the students must face irony and dark humor that Monobear refers to as "Comedy Gold". The students must find the culprit of the murders so they can save themselves from all being executed.

Either they fight 'til the end or figure out who's controlling that sadistic honey eating bastard. Who's really behind the bear? The mastermind must be living with them, but who could it possibly be? Who could arrange such a sick and twisted dark comedy for their own amusement? Will they figure out who's behind the bear, or will it be too late for this poor student body? It's time to go for the gold!

Good as gold tropes that appear in this academy: