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Roleplay: Children Of Ao
The players, as gods, are composed of tiny sparks of Ao's divine power, which he willingly split off from himself for entertainment. You are incredibly powerful, with Ao himself the only being above you. However, Ao has placed some limitations on you, mostly in the form of rationing out divine power in Acts, Miracles, Curses and Endowments, but also in a few other ways

Developed by DM Blowhard, The Children of Ao has been a long-running play-by-post Role-Playing Game played on [1].

The game begins by having Ao create the Player Characters, telling them to begin the age of creation, but to always remember that his big brother presence will always be with them.

Time within the game is intertwined with the real-world time in which the game is being played. This is to speed up the Creation that the gods have made, and to also show how time in the mortal realm and the realm of the gods are inherently different. Each turn (12 hours of real time) represents a year of in-game time. Each day at noon (U.S. Central time), and again at midnight, all gods will receive one Act. This will usually be accompanied by Ao's report on the effects of the previous 12 hours' worth of Acts.

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alternative title(s): Children Of Ao
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