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Roleplay: Battle Of The Elders
Created on NationStates by a Nice Jewish Boy.

Once upon a time, long before the universe was created, there was neither time nor space. Meaning was meaningless. Form was formless. All that was were two brothers: Lukeios the Fair and Arakaota the Vulgar. Then God shows up and ruins their party by creating everything. Of course, Luk and Ara are jealous, so God locks them up.Then they escape and decide to enlist a few average mortals to help them determine who gets to screw the universe over in what way.

Inspired by such series as Supernatural and A World Beyond, Battle of the Elders is a three-arc rp taking place in Nightkill's Shit and possibly the same part of that Verse as A World Beyond. Unfortunately, it never really got off the ground, and was shut down two pages in.

Tropes appearing in Battle Of The Elders:

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