Roleplay / And Its Hard To Find Angels In Hell

''I can feel the fire of the city lights burn
And it's hard to find angels in hell''

Fruitville, Georgia was the last place that anyone would expect to find anything supernatural, so of course that was where the vampires decided to settle. It was named Fruitville after all. That was over a hundred years ago, and over time the town grew. Vampires were the ones who first settled the place, right after the Civil War. The battle had been gruesome, enough that even vampires had been turned off blood – and that was saying something. A renegade group decided to try the pacifistic life style, and found that it rather suited them. Their numbers grew, and eventually a town of their own sounded like a good idea.

No one could really say when the first werewolf turned up. The vampires were shocked to say the least, seeing as how the rivalries between the two was so apparent that even the humans picked up on it. But when the werewolf explained that they were sick of being a danger and wanted to learn to control themselves, well, how could the vampires say no?

The witches were a new development. They just sort of moved into town, and made their home there, without any sort of formality. When the residents realized that they weren’t interested in making the crops dry up or making voo doo dolls of anyone it was decided that they too could stay.

Over time, Fruitville became known as a sort of haven for the supernatural forces that were interested in doing nothing more than settling down and enjoying the peaceful life. They let the rest of the world be, and in return were left alone.

Until last week.


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