Roleplay / A Somnolent Penumbra

A Somnolent Penumbra (Somnolent for short) is a Tumblr roleplay inspired by Dangan Ronpa, where a group of elite students have been invited to a talent convention at the Somnolent Palace. The RP will play out like it would in Dangan Ronpa but is probably breaking ever tradition that most Dangan Ronpa roleplays have stood for. There are 25 participants who were invited to the convention. Unfortunately for some, three died immediately upon waking up in the beginning of the game, one running into the electric fence and the other two being eaten by the "it" that inhabits the hotel.

Tropes appearing in "A Somnolent Penumbra" include:

  • A House Divided: As everyone has the potential to be a murderer, it's only natural that nobody would trust anyone.
  • Anyone Can Die: As is the nature of most Dangan Ronpa roleplays anyone can wind up killing anyone, and a murderer can end up getting executed.
  • Fan Nickname: 'Moseby' for the monster running around.
  • Hell Hotel: Technically applies for this since people will die in this and it is set in a hotel.
  • Kangaroo Court: None of the trial sequences will be fair in any way, shape or form.
  • Title Drop: The occupants of the Somnolent Mansion decide to call themselves Team Somnolent Penumbra.