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Roleplay: A Modern World
A Modern World at its greatest extent.

A vast NationStates RP world, incorporating around thirty different countries.

NationStates has had its fair share of Role-Play 'worlds' - scenarios where RPers group together to create an alternate earth filled with their own countries. What distinguishes AMW from this is longevity; while most of these groups collapse within a month, AMW has been running for years.

A Modern World's premise is based in NationStates, and uses the same Role Play techniques as its parent game, but adheres to using real world geography, climate, natural resources, and population as opposed to NationStates more ambiguous set up. Founded by Drapol in 2003/2004, the group has included three different incarnations starting on Jolt and surviving on to the new forums. Basically, this is where Role Players group together to create an alternate earth filled with their own countries.

The main site can be found here.

A Modern World contains the following tropes:

Divergences include:
  • The United States did not exist and so was not responsible for winning the war (in fact, there was infighting between the various nations of North America).

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