A City of Weirdos is a PlayByPost roleplaying game on Wiki/ThisVeryWiki. It focuses on the heroes, villains and other superbeings living in the City of Rail, Texas.

The year is 2020, which is oddly similar to 2014, except that there are superheroes and villains causing havoc all over the country. Plus, 99 supervillains broke out of Blackstone Supermax - a prison in the deserted area outside of the city, designed to house the worst supervillains - last Thursday. President Tron Paul declared the entire county to be under a quarantine to contain the villains, leaving hundreds of superpowered individuals to duke it out, while the mayor, police, military and National Guard do their best to maintain order.

Thus, dozens, if not hundreds, of costumed vigilantes and assorted superbeings flooded the streets of Rail, wreaking havoc on a city that already has to deal with... hundreds of costumed vigilantes and assorted superbeings who were already there.
!!City of Weirdos provides examples of:
* AffectionateParody: Of a sort. This is more than a parody, though the creators are not above poking fun of some of the sillier (or darker) aspects of superheroing. The character Uniscorn is a good example of an AffectionateParody of 90s Anti Heroes
* AlternateUniverse: There's quite a few differences between the world of the roleplay and RealLife. Much of it comes from character origin stories, but there are several universal aspects. This includes the existence of extraterrestrial life and their constant visits to Earth, at some point Ron Paul was converted into a cyborg known as Tron Paul, and the United States government is responsible for numerous types of genetic testing on civilians and soldiers alike.
* CityOfAdventure: Most of the action is contained in the city of Rail itself, with some events taking place in the outskirts or just outside.
* CityOfWeirdos: Quite often. Even an electric seal god possessing a member of Nickelback won't make the news for more than a few minutes, and many citizens in traffic will simply drive right by super fights without so much as a glance.
* EverythingIsBigInTexas: Rail features citizens packing firearms on a level that could only be found in Texas.
* HeroInsurance: There are many precautions that the city has taken in order to ensure that life can continue to operate even after a dozen heroes and villains knock down the wall. Additionally, the mayor is a robot who is simply downloaded into a new frame every time he is killed, avoiding the issue of succession and reelections every time he is killed.
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: There are at least 40 player characters, as well as dozens of side characters.
* PoliceAreUseless: The police tend not to show up quick enough to deal with situations, but fortunately there are plenty of heroes, vigilants, and psychopaths who might accidentally keep the city safe every now and then, if they so happen to take down a villain during their busy schedule.
* PunnyName: The name is a pun of the video game title City Of Heroes. Because it consists of heroes ''and'' villains, Weirdos emphasizes the crazy people in spandex running around the city, without implying if they are heroes or villains.