Roaring Rampage Of Revenge / Visual Novels

  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney:
    • Kristoph Gavin has this combined with total Disproportionate Retribution. After getting Phoenix disbarred, he stalked everyone involved in the case, then he killed a magician, an artist, and he almost killed the artist's daughter. What caused this quest for revenge, you ask? His client, a famous magician (the aforementioned one, no less) whose successful defense would have brought Gavin much fame, wanted a different lawyer (Phoenix) to defend him.
    • Phoenix himself later repaid the favor. After having his attorney's badge taken away for presenting Gavin's forged evidence, he lost respect for the whole judicial process and manipulated a crime scene, forging some evidence of his own to get Gavin convicted of killing the magician. Then, he managed to overhaul the entire legal system just to ensure Gavin also got convicted of killing the artist.
  • In Fate/stay night's "Unlimited Blade Works" route's (True Ending), Gilgamesh insults Saber after her Heroic Sacrifice to destroy the Holy Grail. Shirou gets pissed, and proceeds to bash the King of Heroes all over the place, before cutting off his arm and throwing him into a tear in space-time.
  • Shion in Higurashi: When They Cry goes on a delayed one in her arc. She goes a bit far, by which we mean that even after she's killed a little girl who she promised to take care of, she doesn't stop, despite it having become obvious that her family knows nothing about Satoshi's disappearance - although what the rest of the Sonozaki family did to her is pretty damn horrible too.
  • Juniper's Knot: In the fiend girl's backstory, we learn that she had a friend when she was still free. Because she was close to a demon, the girl was killed by the townspeople. When the demon girl discovered the beaten, raped body of her friend, she killed everyone in the town — men, women, children — and set it all aflame.
  • The perp in the main case of Hanai's route in Metro PD: Close to You is systematically targeting people close to Hanai - his unit, his friends, his mentor, his brother, and eventually his partner - in revenge for his arrest of her lover for crimes someone else committed.
  • Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has three of these. In the Axe Ending, Clover goes Ax-Crazy over her brother's (apparent) death and murders Santa and Seven, who she believed killed Snake, June, for getting in her way, and Junpei, for his bracelet. In the Safe Ending, Snake flies into an Unstoppable Rage after Ace taunts him about Clover's death and pulls a Taking You with Me, preventing him from escaping the incinerator and letting Junpei, Seven, and Lotus escape. And finally, the True Ending reveals that this was one of the two purposes of the Second Nonary Game - to get revenge on the four men who were responsible for creating the first Nonary Game.