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Ring Ring Crunch: Live-Action TV
  • Chuck: Sarah kills her alarm clock with an expertly thrown knife. She's wearing a night mask at the time, too.
  • Variant: In an episode of Friends, Phoebe caves and decides to move in with her cop boyfriend. They are woken in the morning to a bird singing a beautiful song. The boyfriend smiles, takes out a gun and shoots the bird. She apparently learned a bit from him, as she would later hammer her beeping fire alarm. It still didn't stop beeping.
  • On a Xena: Warrior Princess "Groundhog Day" Loop episode, Xena uses her chakram on the rooster that keeps waking her up. All it does is cause an instant reset.
  • Mr. Bean once drowned his alarm clock ... then hung it out to dry to use the next day.
  • There was an episode of The A-Team when B. A. Baracus, sleeping in a house the team was using for a hideaway, smashed an annoying alarm clock into little tiny pieces with one pound of his fist. "It's too early, foo'!"
  • Booth from Bones does this once. While having a particularly stressful day, an ice cream truck passes by with a grating tinny tune blaring in every direction. In addition, the truck displays a prominent, and slightly terrifying, clown (Booth has a well-established dislike of clowns). His solution? Take his pistol out and pop a few rounds in it.
  • Saturday Night Live once had a skit advertising a "car alarm silencer." The device being advertised was actually a bazooka that destroyed the offending car.
  • On NCIS, Gibbs is notorious for accidentally/intentionally destroying his own cell phone when it gives him any trouble, either by malfunctioning, ringing too much, or simply existing. He's even dropped one into a jar of paint thinner. The other agents on his team now keep plenty of spares in their desks, ready to hand to him at a moment's notice.
    • They tell him they "rebooted" it.
  • Subverted in Scrubs with a cellphone belonging to Turk. He's talking to an ex when JD throws the phone on the floor. It carries on working. He then jumps up and down on it. It carries on working. Frustrated, he throws it out of the window, and the scene ends. Later, someone else picks it up and returns it. Completely undamaged and not even having ended the call. JD wonders what it's made of, and says he has to get one for himself...
    • Overlaps with Left the Background Music On in another episode. Colin Hay, former lead singer of the 80s band Men At Work, has been popping up all over the place with a guitar, crooning Men at Work's hit "Overkill" and background music. In one scene, JD and Doctor Cox are having an important moment, but Hay's singing is drowning out their dialogue. Doctor Cox abruptly loses his temper and turns around, grabs Hay's guitar and smashes it to splinters against the wall. Hay protests that he knows other songs Dr. Cox could have asked him to play. "Sure you do."
  • Both played straight and averted in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the first season, she accidentally destroys her alarm when she forgets her true strength. But by the sixth season in the musical episode, she is so filled with ennui that she merely picks it up and holds it, listening to it ring.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation. Worf smashing the mandolin that Geordi is playing in "Q-pid". "Sorry."
    • Which is a reference to a scene in Animal House where Bluto smashes a folk singer's guitar before uttering the same line.
  • In Drake & Josh, Drake turns off his alarm clock by dropping a dumbbell on it.
  • Stargate SG-1 has a fairly tame version. When Jack and Teal'c were off fishing in one episode and Daniel tried calling them, Jack took out the batteries and threw them in the lake, if I remember correctly.
  • The Goodies. Hilariously spoofed in "Lighthouse Loonies". Seeing the fog closing in around the Jolly Rock lighthouse Graham switches on the foghorn, startling an over-sensitive Tim who yells at him to turn it off. Graham does so but the foghorn continues to blare, even after they repeatedly flick the switch, pull out the power cord, rip the foghorn to bits and jump up and down on it. Finally in desperation Graham swallows the part emitting the most noise, whereupon silence ensues. Until he opens his mouth to speak.
  • In Drop the Dead Donkey, Damien is trying to do a to-camera piece and keeps being interrupted by various things (tramps, a Hare Krishna parade, a piano falling off a hoist...) culminating in a nearby car alarm going off. The camera goes to black and he rips the wires out of the car, apparently bare-handed.
  • In Seinfeld, the subplot to The Marine Biologist has a woman named Corinne being unfortunate enough to be hit on the head with two thrown noisy devices. Eccentric author Yuri Testikov throws Elaine's pocket organizer out a car window after she's unable to stop it from beeping. The second time, Elaine and Jerry visit Yuri at his hotel room to secretly collect evidence of this action by using a tape recorder, since Elaine wants Yuri to cover the bill for Corinne's injury. Yuri hears the noise from the tape recorder and throws it out of the hotel.
  • In an episode of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show, Amy accidentally uses her brand-new telekinetic powers to hurl an alarm clock across her bedroom.
  • Has happened at least once on The Red Green Show.
  • In Corner Gas, there is a montage of Brent repeatedly hitting the snooze on his alarm clock until he finally wakes up and says "Whoa. What a weird dream. I dreamed that I had an alarm clock. I should probably think about getting one of those." He does get one, and later in the episode he smashes it to pieces when it wakes him up and says "Oh yeah, that's why I didn't have one of those." At the end of the episode, he also smashes Hank's new electronic organizer when its alarm goes off and wakes him up.
  • In the live-action The Adventures of Superboy series, Clark is ordered by his boss to keep a journal of everything he does. "7:00. Wake up. Need a new alarm clock. Again." Alarm clocks just aren't designed to take being slapped by sleepy Kryptonians.
    • Likewise in Lois and Clark, episode "Pheromone My Lovely", Clark is awakened by his alarm clock and accidentally flattens it with a single bash.
  • In the Modern Family episode "Chirp", Phil spends the entire episode trying to track down a smoke detector that is making an annoying chirping sound. He eventually becomes so frustrated that he starts smashing the smoke detectors.
  • In the now-lost show His Lordship Entertains, Lord Rustless hangs his alarm clock from a string over a bucket of water; when it goes off, he cuts the string and goes back to sleep.
  • In Frasier, this is the result of Frasier hitting Anger in his procession through the Five Stages of Grief after losing his job. He starts off tearing into a (surprisingly durable) pinata ("they found a gobstopper on the other side of the freeway"), but when he gets a phonecall he drops it on the floor and starts smashing it with the broken stick.
  • Taquita and Kaui: The titular girls are snoozing peacefully. When the alarm on the clock-radio goes off, they get... a Danity Kane song. Taquita gently pulls a hammer out of the nightstand, smashes the poor radio into oblivion, and gently puts it back in the nightstand. With the hammer attached.
  • In the Supernatural episode "What Is And What Should Never Be" (S02, Ep20), Dean throws Sam's cell phone out the car window.

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