Ring Ring CRUNCH / Web Original

  • The computers that hand out assignments to agents of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum tend to have obscenely loud alarms, especially if the agents dare relax for a moment. At least one was threatened with conversion into a toaster. The Canon Analysis Devices have a similar flaw and an even greater mortality rate.
    • Though in the case of the CADs, their cause of death is much more likely to be an inability to handle especially high levels of Canon Defilement than pissed-off agents. The latter is still far from unknown, though, since the shrill alarm has a nasty habit of blowing their cover.
  • Two video fragments from Serbu Firearms: were you ever awakened by your neighbour's lawnmower? Then you surely craved to do something like this. Admit it.
  • For a visual, check out this entry from "There, I Fixed It".
  • Part of the basis for the short animation "ALARM". The main character has several alarm clocks in his apartment. Three of them annoy him to this point. One on top of his TV has its battery ripped out, another is chucked out of a room and smashes into the fridge. The third is shot after he wakes up from the All Just a Dream sequence.
  • Alarmageddon
  • The online Furby cartoon Furby Goes Back to School has a Furby managing to do this, smashing his alarm clock with a shoe (the clock is noticeably bigger than Furby!)
  • In Metamor City Morgan has a stainless steel alarm clock that takes a vampire-strength karate chop every evening.
  • In Freeman's Mind, Freeman mentions this when facing some turret guns.
    Freeman: I break alarm clocks, I can break you too!
  • Joueur du Grenier: The Beat-em Ups review opens with Grenier punching his alarm clock.