Ring Ring CRUNCH / Comic Books

  • In the Fantastic Four comic book, Ben Grimm was forever forgetting his Super Strength and smashing his alarm clock to bits when he went to turn it off. The next panel would usually show him tossing it onto a pile of similarly-smashed clocks.
    • In the new Fantastic Four cartoon, Ben has passed the (ahem) torch of alarm clock abuse to Johnny Storm, who keeps melting his.
    • In the old X-Men cartoon, Wolverine once sliced up his alarm clock with his claws before he could actually think about it. When he woke up a little more, he said something to the effect of "Hate it when I do that."
    • In an even older X-Men comic, Kitty Pryde used her tendency to fry electrical equipment she "phases" through to the detriment of her clock-radio.
    • Cyclops on the other hand, merely looks at his alarm clock.
  • Strangers in Paradise had Katchoo go through a new alarm clock every day, often with a large-caliber bullet from a gun she kept under her pillow. She accumulated a large pile of ruined clocks before the Running Gag faded from the series. Interestingly, the story included a Dream Sequence that explained, in heart-wrenching detail, exactly why Katchoo is so upset at being awakened.
  • Implied in Léonard le Génie. While Heavy Sleeper Basile was never actually shown demolishing his alarm clock, some bedroom scenes show it smashed by a large hammer, or simply with an "out of order" sign on it. Unfortunately for him, his Bad Boss usually wakes him up by much less orthodox and more violent means...
  • In Electric Girl, Virginia zaps her alarm clock with her electricity powers, and her parents have to warn her not to go through too many clocks.
  • Achille Talon: Achille once tried to get an annoying transistor radio to shut up by smashing it against a rock and feeding the pieces to his pet duck. Unfortunately, the radio kept working from inside the duck's belly.
  • A similar incident takes place in Spirou and Fantasio: a miniaturized radio with the volume turned to the maximum is swallowed by the Marsupilami and lodges itself in his nose, where it keeps working until the Marsupilami, exasperated, punches himself in the face.
  • In Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman, Reid begins a Monday morning by hurling his alarm clock at the wall. When that fails to silence it, he leaps on it, cursing, throws it into the toilet, and then urinates on it.
  • Done with a talking clock in one Mad Magazine short. The clock says "Time to Wake Up" repeatedly until the CRUNCH, after which it says, "Murderer...murderer...murderer..."
  • In Astro City, we meet the Silver Adept, the premiere sorceress of the Astro City universe in this manner. Raitha, the Silver Adept's personal assistant, finds her sprawled on her bed after a long night partying, reminding her that it's after 8:30 am.
    Silver Adept: I set the alarm, I swear I set the alarm!
    Raitha(noticing an alarm clock embedded in the wall above the door frame): I don't doubt it.
  • In the NSFW comic The Big Bad Wolf Club, the trope is played straight when a rabbit smashes his alarm clock with a huge hammer as it wakes him up at 7:00 AM. Near the end of the comic, the alarm clock is waking him up at 7:00 PM, and he calmly shuts it off.