Required Secondary Powers / Toys

  • BIONICLE: Matoran actually have Required Secondary Powers, but have a minuscule amount of Elemental Powers. Of course, when they do become Toa, they will have the necessary secondary power for their element.
  • Mixels shows off some characters that actually lack these powers, and end up affecting their own abilities thanks to this:
    • Lunk and Slumbo, being ice-based Mixels, have a low base temperature and live in a frozen wasteland. As a result, they are both horribly slow and lethargic.
    • Balk uses his head like a rubber mallet to defend himself. Unfortunately, this does not translate to the inside of his head, and he has brain damage as a result.
    • Chomly is a living trash compacter that eats anything he can find and his mouth is not made for chewing properly. One of his upper teeth is now replaced with a gold one.