Refuge In Audacity / Newspaper Comics

  • In a reused gag, Beetle Bailey has confused Sarge by talking to him in an aggressively superior voice, inverting their normal power relationship. Sarge is unable to comprehend a private talking to him as a superior would. (On the other hand, the tactic backfired in a strip wherein Beetle told Sarge about a dream he had in which the roles were reversed, and "Beetle" got so angry with "Sarge" for goofing off that he literally beat him to death note . The real Sarge was not amused, and nearly beat Beetle to death.)
  • In For Better or for Worse, April almost manages to do this. While pretending to be a superhero, she uses Elizabeth's bra as a slingshot and uses it to send Koosh Balls flying at the dog. Elly is too busy laughing to immediately punish April, but she is punished in the next strip.
  • Prince Valiant: Once when Val and Nathan were trying to escape the ship of Norse raiders, the crew began to wake up, so Val threw Nathan overboard and then attacked the raiders while singing fighting songs at the top of his lungs. In doing so, he not only distracted the crew from his son, but gave the appearance of madness, which the Norse took to be a sign of Demonic Possession.