Refuge In Audacity: Advertising

Advertising examples of Refuge in Audacity.

  • Hulu commercials parodied this trope, with spots featuring Seth MacFarlane (slipping from his normal voice [which is also the voice he uses for Brian the dog] to the voices he uses for Peter, Stewie, and Quagmire), Denis Leary, Eliza Dushku, and Alec Baldwin respectively announcing that they are aliens set on turning human brains to mush with TV, with the new Hulu site as their latest and greatest brain-rot delivery system.
    Hulu Tagline: An evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy.
  • The Burger King. Special mention goes to the commercial where they flat out admit they're ripping off McDonald's' latest breakfast something-or-another, by creating a commercial where the King himself breaks into McDonald's' headquarters to steal the breakfast something-or-another then flee on motorcycle.
  • For jurisdictions that recognise the legal concept of puffery, this is Truth in Television as the general rule that factual statements in advertising have to be true doesn't apply when the claim is so ridiculous no reasonable person could take it literally. It's probably not the world's best cup of coffee.
  • Mentos commercials thrive off this trope. When the protagonist finds themselves in trouble, they simply pop a Mentos and solve their problem in an over-the-top manner. When close-by, sometimes antagonistic characters witness it, the protagonist simply show their Mentos roll as an explanation for their actions.