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Anime and Manga

Films - Animation
  • Aladdin, Genie gets his finger caught by Sebastian.
  • Moana: In The Stinger, Tamatoa, still flipped on his shell, asks the audience to help him up and says they would if his name was Sebastian and had a Jamaican accent.
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut: The final shot of Satan's "Up There" song parodies the famous shot of Ariel reaching her arm forward in "Part of Your World".
  • Shrek 2: Shrek and Fiona are kissing on the beach when a wave washes over them. When it retreats, Shrek is now kissing a mermaid that looks like Ariel. Fiona grabs her by the tail and throws her back to the sea, where she is eaten by sharks.

Films - Live-Action

Live-Action TV
  • In the Full House episode "Easy Rider", Joey buys Michelle a videotape of the movie to get her to like him again. She declines the offer because "it's on cable all month".
  • The first episode of Charmed's fifth season "A Witch's Tail" is a Whole Plot Reference to the Disney version. For added points, Phoebe is transformed into a mermaid for the opposite reason to Ariel: she wants to escape from love. And Phoebe is played by Alyssa Milano, who was the inspiration for Ariel's design.
  • Another Whole Plot Reference shows up in Once Upon a Time, when the live action versions of The Little Mermaid characters show up in the third season. Being a twisted tale, it has many references to the Disney film in different ways. In this version, Eric throws an annual "Under The Sea Ball" in honor of the sea goddess, Ursula. The Evil Queen from Snow White, in disguise as Ursula, quips off some lines from the song Poor Unfortunate Soul as she convinces Ariel to become a human and "be apart of his world". Later in season 4, when the real Ursula shows up, there are a few more references to the Disney film including Ursula actually singing Fathoms Below.
  • In Dinosaurs, Earl is taking care of the Baby, who demands to see The Little Underwater Girl. When he puts it on, sea creatures are singing "Under the Water."

Video Games

Web Animation

Web Original
  • Super Mario Logan:
    • In "Bowser Junior's Happy Meal", Chef Pee Pee attempts to cook Flounder, while singing a modified version of "Under the Sea".
    • In "Bowser Junior Gets Potty Trained!", when Junior wets his bed, he jumps to the conclusion that he's a mermaid. When Chef Pee Pee sees Junior's wet sheets, he isn't fooled, and asks Junior, "Do you see an ocean? Are you Ariel?".

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons
    • In "Homer Badman", Homer proposes that the family escape their troubles by going under the sea, and then has an Imagine Spot where the family is dancing to a parody of "Under the Sea" where Homer eats the fish.
    • In "Make Room for Lisa", Lisa says that the movie was her favorite until Homer taped over it.
    • In "The Book Job", Lisa tries to get a story for a teen lit novel. She gets the idea for a story about a mermaid who falls in love with a boy on land, only to look at a Little Mermaid poster on her wall.
  • In the American Dad! episode "Francine's Flashback", Stan calls in the Air Force to bomb the ocean so he and his CIA buddies can catch fish. A dead mermaid surfaces and Stan identifies her as Ariel.
  • In an episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Billy gets sucked under the ocean and meets a reggae-singing crab named Ziggy, who performs "Under the Ocean". After the song, Billy eats him and gets a cramp from the inside as a result.
  • Hercules The Animated Series
    • Ursula has a cameo on "Hercules and the Bacchanal".
    • Sebastian and Flounder are briefly seen in the opening shots of "Hercules and the Big Sink", swimming among the ruins of Atlantis.
    • In "Hercules and the Son of Poseidon", Helen complains about wearing a mermaid costume. She is voiced by Ariel's voice artist, Jodi Benson.
  • On the We Bare Bears episode "Shush Ninjas", Panda appears as Ariel during a montage of film clips.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures:
    • The gag credit for the episode, "Whale's Tales" is "Mermaid Model - Sherri Stoner", referencing the fact that Sherri Stoner, one of the show's producers and writers, served as the body model for Ariel.
    • In "Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian", when Buster wants to talk to the writers about them leaving him and Babs out of an episode focusing on Hamton, a "Mermaid" poster can be seen in the Writers' staff room, referencing the film, and the fact that Sherri Stoner served as the body model for Ariel in that film.
    • In the Direct-to-Video movie, ''How I Spent My Vacation", when Babs is underwater, she sees some sea creatures, including a mermaid, singing a parody of "Under the Sea".
  • Sabrina: The Animated Series "Wiccan of the Sea" has Sabrina and Chloe turned into mermaids. They're roped into taking part in a musical number underwater that's a clear parody of "Under The Sea".
  • Robot Chicken:
    • In the sketch, "Part of Your (Cruel) World" from the episode, "Collateral Damage in Gang Turf War", Ariel and two of her sisters use some clams as bras, a starfish as a tiara, an eel as a sash, and Flounder as a purse. King Triton tells them that they're only there to browse, much to their annoyance. Ariel complains about King Triton being unaware of how cruel he is, before the tortured sea creatures are shown.
    • In the sketch, "Where the Dirty People Are" from the episode, "Butchered in Burbank", Ariel goes to the East River of New York City against Sebastian and King Triton's wishes, where she sings about the garbage of New York City, until a pigeon poops in her mouth.
    • In the sketch, "Disney Princess War" from the episode, "Stone Cold Steve Cold Stone", Ariel is among the princesses shown at the Princess Summit. She mentions that she has crabs, asks Jasmine if she needs "thing-a-ma-bobs" (which, as Jasmine points out, is her dildo collection), and later brings another "thing-a-ma-bob", which turns out to be a nuclear bomb.
    • In the sketch, "Pay The Crab" from the episode, "Walking Dead Lobster", Sebastian tells Eric that he owes him for setting up the "Kiss the Girl" scene of the movie. When Eric refuses to pay Sebastian, Sebastian pinches his testicles, prompting him to pay.
    • In the sketch, "Djinni Mermaid" from the episode, "Dragon Nuts", a fisherman catches Ariel, thinking she will give him three wishes. When Ariel tells him that Genies grant wishes, the man realizes he wasted twenty years of his life and shoots himself.
    • In the sketch, "Dead Disney Moms" from the episode, "The Robot Chicken Lots of Holidays But Donít Worry Christmas Is Still In There Too So Pull The Stick Out Of Your Ass Fox News Special" Ariel and King Triton visit the tombstone of Queen Athena. Ariel asks Triton what she was like, and Triton is shown having sex with a dolphin.