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Referenced By: Mystery Science Theater 3000
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    Comic Books 

    Fan Fic 
  • The very concept of an MST is basically imitating the show's style and applying to different things. Many MSTs are Fan Fiction using the series' characters, hence why the trope is placed in this folder.
  • The authors of Calvin & Hobbes: The Series love the series, and it shows:
    • A marathon framing device has Andy and Sherman reenacting the Thunderdome sketch with Socrates.
    • Jack T. Robot's name is likely a reference to Crow.
    • One episode has Dr. Brainstorm calling Jack "TV's Jack", presumably a reference to TV's Frank (and a reversal of sorts, since Brainstorm's first name is Frank).
    • Calvin attempts to bug Susie in "A Club's Blow" by singing a mash-up of the theme songs to Sponge Bob Square Pants, this show, and Garfield and Friends.
    • When several loud buzzers go off in "Electronic Invasion", Calvin shouts "WE'VE GOT MOVIE SIGN!", upon which Hobbes tells him "Wrong show."
    • From "Dark Laughter Part 1":
    Andy: And people wonder why our landfills are full.
    Socrates: Really? Then it's my duty as a citizen of This Island Earth to make up for that! To the midway!
    (This is probably more of a reference to Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie, which riffed This Island Earth.)
  • In Chapter 34 of Nobody Dies, Rei shows that a window can be opened with the proper password: "HIEEEE-KEEEEEEBA!"

  • Dino Attack RPG:
    • Andrew, Laxus, Pterisa, and Dr. Cyborg riff movies together with agent Joike.
    • Two other Dino Attack agents are named Gypsy and Observer.
    • One of the comments in the com chatter references the recurring joke "Deep Hurting".
    • In regards to Dino Attack agent Rowsdower, Joike comments that he has a stupid name, referencing MST3K's riff of The Final Sacrifice.
  • Survival of the Fittest has Keiji Tanaka saying "Oh, poopie!"


    Web Video 
  • From an episode of Atop the Fourth Wall, part of the "Linkara Lost" arc: "If you're watching this, it means either I'm missing or I'm dead."
    • Also, in his "Brave and the Bold #54" review, Linkara has Batman reading about "new petitions against tax", a stock phrase in movie newspapers that was the subject of a Running Gag on the show.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series: Tristan holding up a die and saying "This is going straight up my nose" is verbatim a quip from the riff on The Horror of Party Beach.

    Video Games 
  • Borderlands has an achievements entitled "Can't We Get Beyond Thunderdome?"
  • Dragon Fable has Rolith quoting the MST3K Mantra during the Code Monkey Challenge.
  • The trailers for Portal 2 show a line-up of turrets, one of which proclaims "I'm different!"
  • Team Fortress 2: In the replay update page, the Scout is pointing towards the screen in a similar manner to Joel/Mike's pose in most of the pictures of the shad-o-rama.
  • Pony Fantasy VI has Pinkie Pie going to see a movie, which was apparently very boring, but some guys in the front row made fun of it the whole time.
    • Also, you're asked whether you think Mike or Joel is funnier. Picking Joel summons some guards for you to fight.
  • One of the pizza delivery boys in The Sims is named Torgo Pendragon.
  • Escape Velocity has a number of references to the series: the adjacent systems of Manos and Torgo, another cluster of systems named Gamera, Guiron and Zigra, and a system named Gymkata containing a planet named Hikeeba. The Easter Eggs in the game include a killer forklift, the Satellite of Love and an alternate Opening Scroll parodying the MST3K Theme Tune.
  • Kingdom of Loathing:
    • The warwelf monster is a reference to the bizarre accents sported by the actors in Werewolf, and two of its attacks reference other aspects of the movie (among them "Oh no, Paul! You is a werewolf!") The tiny plastic warwelf references this same line.
    • Also, the name of Mt. McLargeHuge.
    • The former LAAAAME Observatory had a Lovely Satellite (a reference to the Satellite of Love), as well as a paraphrase of the ending line of Red Zone Cuba: "Griffin ran all the way to Hell... with a penny and a broken cigarette."
    • The same place has a very obscure reference to the 1st Annual MST3K Summer Blockbuster Review. Quote this site:
    "They show a clip from the movie Batman & Robin, in which Mr. Freeze is trying to escape using some kind of jetpack contraption, and Batman swoops in behind him using his cape like a hang glider. Observer exclaims: 'Oh my God, they're docking!' I have no idea why I remember this so many years later."
    • The game's head writer even congratulated him for recognizing it!
    • An enemy mosquito can randomly be named Nurse Feratu.
    • The sub-molecule interocitor is a homage to This Island Earth, and the riff thereof:
    "Just make sure to only use genuine interocitor parts to repair and maintain it."
    • The Cymbal-Banging Monkey familiar can wink at you with bloodshot eyes, a reference to the demonic monkey from Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Comics 

    Web Video 

    Western Animation 
  • The Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Invasion of the Secret Santas!" has Fun Haus mentioning that a Robot Santa seems scary.
  • It is shown that Dr. Doofensmitz likes to MST bad movies in one episode.
  • A scene in The Powerpuff Girls episode "Silent Treatment" has the girls sitting in a movie theater, positioned at the bottom right of the screen making fun of a movie as it plays.
    • There was a similar scene in an Animaniacs episode with the Warner siblings.

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