Referenced By / Horatio Hornblower

Live Action TV

  • One episode of Angel (the one with the children's show puppets) had a kid named "Ratio Hornblower".
  • Monday Mornings had a nice Actor Allusion. Ioan Gruffudd played a doctor and his boss asked him several times if he was familiar with the concept of "captain of his ship".
  • In one episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Jake Sisko is editing a manuscript, but sharp-eyed viewers can spot that the text is from Commodore Hornblower. Appropriate, as Star Trek took in a lot of inspiration from Hornblower.


  • In one Honor Harrington novel, the title character is reading a Hornblower book. And, in fact, the whole series had its genesis as a "Hornblower In Space" book; the matching initials are a deliberate Shout-Out and the first book is dedicated to C.S. Forester himself.


Video Games

  • In Age of Pirates II, a character named Horatio Hornblower will aid the player if they ask him the right questions.

Web Original

  • It's a running joke on this very wiki to call Honor Harrington novels Horatio Hornblower IN SPACE!
  • In a parody rap song "Jane Austen is My Homegirl (Downton Abbey Rap)" by Pretty Darn Funny, one part says, one part referenced the dashing sailor. Watch it here.
    My friend loves Phillip but, I'll have to show her, no man stills my heart like Horatio Hornblower.