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    Comic Book 

    Comic Strip 
  • FoxTrot has a few references, such as this dialogue:
    Peter: [after an incredibly lame pun by Jason in the style of Pearls Before Swine] Remind me to start hiding your Pearls Before Swine books.
    Jason: You still haven't returned my Calvin and Hobbes books after the Noodle Incident, by the way.
    • A couple strips have background characters with Calvin's distinctive hairstyle.
    • One particular one has Jason and Marcus creating an identical snow sculpture of a snowman with a hole in his chest and a cannon right next to it to one in a Calvin and Hobbes strip — then creating sculptures of Calvin and Hobbes goofing around with the cannonball. "See, this way it's an homage, not a ripoff."
    • Jason and Marcus often go to a store called Calvin's Hobbies.
  • Off the Mark presents a rather dark ending to the strip. "Did you just hear a burp?"
    • Hobbes is also among the imaginary friends shown here.
  • In a One Big Happy strip, Ruthie and Joe are supposedly about to travel back in time, when Ruthie comments about the food they packed: "Won't the popcorn turn into corn on the cob, then into corn stalks? And the orange juice will turn into oranges before our very eyes!" Joe then comments that he would have been better off with a stuffed tiger as his co-pilot.
  • One Garfield title panel has several newspaper comic characters trick-or-treating, Calvin being among them.
  • Calvin has made a number of cameos in Liō, walking the line between Shout-Out and Take That!. This article reprints some of them.

    Fan Fic 
  • The Great Hogwarts Noodle Incident, the details of which are never revealed in Dangerverse canon, and which, according to Remus: "all started with a comic book, an action figure, and a stuffed tiger..." According to Word of God, the comic book and action figure are Stupendous Man and Spaceman Spiff, respectively.
  • Justice League of Equestria; one of the side stories to Mare of Steel has Rainbow Dash playing superhero as a child, complete with her arch nemesis "Mom Lady" and introducing herself as "Defender of Cloudsdale, foe of Tyranny!"

    Live Action TV 


    Video Game 
  • Star Control has a pilot named Spiff.
  • Spaceward Ho! has a planet named Hobbes, among many other pop-culture-derived names.
  • Kingdom of Loathing:
    • The black panther monster has an attack where it pounces on you, ending with the phrase "Homicidal psycho jungle cat!"
    • The description of the War Frat Mobile Grill Unit has this:
    Oh, and look — there's a sticker on the back window with some cartoon character peeing on something. Now *that's* unexpected.
    • One adventure has the option to get meat from a hobo by telling him it's Opposite Day, and that you declared it oppositely by not declaring it, much like an exchange between Calvin and Hobbes.
    • The "cheap toaster" item has a description containing a joke from one strip:
    This is a cheap toaster. You put bread in it, push down the lever, and in a couple of minutes, toast comes out! Nobody knows where the bread goes.
    • The "pair of eXtreme mittens" remarks on the player's "lack of razor-sharp claws", much like Hobbes said in one strip.
    • One strip has Calvin finding a secret decoder ring, joyfully declaring that he and Hobbes can communicate to each other without their parents understanding, then realizes that they probably can't understand him normally anyway. This is given homage in the description of the encoder ring item:
    Now you can send secret messages to your friends that will look like complete gibberish to everyone else. Assuming, of course, that that wasn't already the case anyway.
  • MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat: In the Trial of Grievance (Instant Action), you could change your own name since it was separate to either campaign. Naming yourself "Calvin" allowed you to wear the Elemental Battle Armor suit whereas naming yourself "Hobbes" allowed you to pilot the Tarantula quad-'Mech.

    Web Animation 
  • In Homestar Runner's long-awaited 2014 Halloween toon, The Cheat dresses as Calvin's sci-fi alter ego Spaceman Spiff.

  • Exterminatus Now: Strip #436 has Virus find Chocolate-Frosted Sugar Bombs in the cereal isle.
  • Freefall, strip 125: Sam blamed the Noodle Incident on "that spiky haired boy with the stuffed tiger."
  • The series is referenced, among other newspaper strips, in the webcomic Precocious.
  • Brawl in the Family celebrated its 50th strip with a comic done in the style of the series, titled "Gooey Kablooie."
  • America in earlier strips of Scandinavia and the World behaves rather like Calvin.
  • Mob Ties has a reference to the series.
  • Square Root of Minus Garfield has several references to the strip:
    • #78 has the famous Transmogrifier strip, altered so that Calvin's changed form is now Garfield.
    • #84 has a strip about Jon's imagination changed to replace Jon with Calvin, and the middle panel shows Spaceman Spiff aiming his laser gun at Garfield on a distant planet.
    • #157 alters a strip about rain to show the infamous peeing Calvin decal causing it.
    • #604's original strip had Garfield and Jon walking past each other multiple times. The original punch line was Garfield saying "Round table"; the new version changes it to "Calvin's duplicator."
    • #1053 compares a strip from Garfield and a strip from Calvin and Hobbes, both about rat tailing someone.
    • #1368 has a Garfield panel showing up in the middle of a Calvin and Hobbes strip, both originals involving a joke about a channel changing screen.
    • #1443 again compares two strips from both series, both with the philosophy "If you spend enough time planning, you don't have to do anything."
    • #1457 alters a snowman-themed strip to show some of Calvin's creations peeking in Jon's window.
  • xkcd:


    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • In the Adventure Time episode "Holly Jolly Secrets," the Ice King creates snow goons to attack Finn and Jake.
  • In the South Park episode "The Wacky Molestation Adventure," Craig is dressed as Spaceman Spiff.
    • Also, the way Butters (as Professor Chaos) behaves in class is reminiscent of Calvin as Stupendous Man.
  • In the Superman: The Animated Series episode "Mxyzpixilated", the Daily Planet comics page has a strip named "Dini the Meany" that has a similar art style to Calvin and Hobbes and is made by "Bill Wemissu," a reference to Bill Watterson ending the strip.
  • According to Word of God, the Wattersons from The Amazing World of Gumball are named after Bill Watterson.
  • The Family Guy episode "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven" has Stewie sending a picture of a mumps-riddled Meg via text message to Calvin.
  • A sketch from Robot Chicken depicts Calvin as an insane kid who believes his tiger doll is real and murders his parents.
  • In The Simpsons episode "Fat Man and Little Boy," Moe asks Bart if he has a T-shirt of Calvin peeing on Hobbes. When Bart answers no, Moe asks "Well what do you have him peeing on?"