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Referenced By: Arsène Lupin
Naturally, the show itself is created as a Take That to Britain, and almost any reference to Arsene Lupin will also include a reference to Sherlock Holmes. However, many works will be referencing Lupin simply because he is the archtypical Gentleman Thief. All of these works have shown some degree of Homage or Shout-Out to this classic Phantom Thief. Or maybe they were just lucky enough to see him during a crime....


  • Episode 2 of Fist of the North Star, "The Deadly Fist of Lingering Regret! The Future is Sighted in the Barren Desert": "Kaitoo Lupin", meaning Lupin the Phantom Thief a.k.a. the original Arsene Lupin, Yeah, I'm pretty much the next Arsene Lupin!
  • Lupin III will always be an autonomic reference to this work, but some examples stand out.
  • Aria the Scarlet Ammo has a character sometimes called Lupin. She is the great-granddaughter of the original Arsene Lupin. The enemy of Sherlock Holmes's great-granddaughter, Aria. She's obsessed with surpassing her legacy and being known by her name, rather than by her family name.
  • Night Hood is a cartoon series based on the original stories by Maurice LeBlanc. The series is set in the 1930s.
  • Cats Eye has a French thief as a rival to the main characters, her name is "Lupin's Bride".
  • Final Fantasy X-2 has a character with the name LeBlanc, which is a reference to Maurice LeBlanc, the French writer who created the Arsene Lupin series.

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