Redundancy: Professional Wrestling

  • The two time, two time, All-American American American American American, Jack Swagger!
  • Chris Jericho proves to everyone that he's the Man of 1004 Holds, by listing all the holds he knows.
    Hold #1: Arm Drag. Hold #2: Arm Bar. Hold #3: The Moss Covered Three Handled Family Gredunza. Hold #4: Arm Bar. Hold #5: The Saskatchewan Spinning Nerve Hold. Hold #8: Arm Bar...
    (much later) Hold #264: Armbaaarrr!
    • Years later, he started listing all the wrestlers he'd beaten, including a couple of different gimmicks used by the same guys.
  • And then there's the infamous Promo of Michael McGillicutty at the end of WWE NXT Season 2
    McGillicutty: And starting this moment... from now... from this moment on... this will be the moment... starting now... of the Genesis... of McGillicutty.
  • "Uso", is the equivalent of "bro" or "sis" to two siblings of the same gender. Thus Rikishi's twin sons going by the "Uso Brothers" name in FCW is this. Upon calling them up to the main roster, WWE suddenly averted this trope by calling them simply "The Usos".
  • Intentionally invoked in TNA, with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian declaring themselves (and demanding they be announced as) "the World Tag Team Champions of the World".
  • Averted when the term "WWE Superstar" or "Diva" is used (as officially used by WWE to refer to its wrestlers). Saying "WWE wrestlers", however, would be lampshaded.
  • There's a reason why Brock Lesnar had Paul Heyman for a mouth piece, as evidenced by one of his promos against John Cena.
    Lesnar: This is real John. This is a real feeling that you're feeling, because I can feel it... I'm the reason you're feeling the way you're feeling right now John.
  • There was an episode of Raw that aired in 1997 called "Thursday Raw Thursday".
  • Jeff Jarrett puts over Global Force Wrestling, his upcoming promotion, by mentioning his alliance with AAA, "the #1 Mexican wrestling promotion in Mexico".