Recap / Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series S 1 E 3 My Cards Will Go On

"I'm not actually in this episode. Has anyone seen my agent?"
-Yami Yugi


  • Anime Hair: Duelists aren't even allowed on the boat to Pegasus's island unless their hairstyle is ridiculous enough. Good thing Yugi's hair is crazy enough for two people.
  • Free-Range Children: "Don't our parents ever care that we're missing?"
  • Idiot Ball: Seriously though, why would Yugi give his cards to the Obviously Evil Weevil?
  • Running Gag: This episode gives birth to both "Attention duelists! My hair is X!" and "In another few hours, the sun will rise!"
  • There Are No Police: The only reason that Yugi agrees to go along with Pegasus's plan is because there are apparently no police to enforce laws.
  • With Friends Like These...: Yugi has no idea why he remains friends with Joey and Tristan.