Recap: Wizbits

Season One
  1. Wish Upon a Wizbit
  2. Wet Party
  3. Remniki's Tale
  4. Dark Wecrets
  5. A Warm Welcome
  6. Nobody's Fool
  7. A Big Mistake
  8. A Sailing Trip
  9. Shipwreck!
  10. The Trouble with Tubas
  11. Tocatta and Fugue in Wiz Minor
  12. Bumble Rumble (Part 1)
  13. Bumble Rumble (Part 2)

Season One Specials
  1. An Elemenstor Xmas: Magic Mistletoe

Season Two
  1. The Tablecloth Turnaround!
  2. The Holy Messiah Carpenter!
  3. Enter the Wolf Man
  4. Wiz BATS?!?
  5. Char Reyarteb's Secretest Plot!
  6. Exit, Skip!
  7. Professor Dervmont's Big Date!
  8. Doodle's So Cool!
  9. The War Men's Day Off!
  10. Enter Moo Maa! (Part 1)
  11. Enter Moo Maa! (Part 2)
  12. The Return of Skip!
  13. Death in the Family: A Very Special Wizbits

Season Two Specials

  1. An Elemenstor Xmas: Penny Farthing's Specialist Gift

Season Three
  1. Curse of the Guranbignoth
  2. The Drawers of Fate
  3. It Takes Two to Elemenstrate
  4. Lurking in the Shadows
  5. Moo Maa's Dusting Competition
  6. Topsy-Twervy?
  7. Furniliar Funtime
  8. The Sickle and the Sword
  9. Great Men, Great Times
  10. Where is that Pesky Chasm?
  11. Journey to the Center of the Pit
  12. Moo Maa Strikes!
  13. Moo Maa Unraveled

Season Three Specials
  1. Elemenstor Save My Earth: An Earth Day Wiz-Bitstraveganza
  2. Wizbits Halloween Spooktacular

Post-Season Three Specials
  1. Wizbits Christmas Adventure
  2. Adventures in Reading
  3. The Wizbits do Canada, eh
  4. Elemenst-Orgy of Adventure

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