Recap / Welcome To Night Vale Ep 49 Old Oak Doors

"Think back, look forward, listen timelessly. Welcome to Night Vale."

In a live special: The rebellion against StrexCorp begins for real, the old oak doors have reappeared, and it's Election Day.

Tropes present in Old Oak Doors include:

  • Audience Participation: Subverted. The live audience raised their hand to vote for their preferred mayoral candidate (Hiram McDaniels or The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home), but Cecil reminds everyone that votes are meaningless because the election is decided by interpreting the pulsing from Hidden Gorge.
    • Cecil describes "a crowd of people shouting 'Take! Down! Strex!'" and whips up the audience into doing so, before stopping them, because the crowd was far away and not involved in the story - which is, of course, true.
  • Call-Back: From the ban on wheat and wheat by-products to StrexPets
    • When the recording of the show was released in its 2-part format, the first half ends with Joseph Fink saying in a monotone voice, "End of Part A", followed by the same chime heard in "Numbers".
  • Hypocritical Humor: Kevin calls Night Vale a dystopia. He's not wrong, but for a Desert Bluffs resident this is the pot calling the kettle black.
  • Inventor of the Mundane: Carlos claims to have invented a highly scientific device which "looks a lot like a big umbrella".
  • Multi-Part Episode: The second in the series, after "The Sandstorm" (Episode 19)
  • Voice of the Resistance: According to Cecil, the radio station has become this since the last episode.
    Cecil: "Hello listeners. I speak to you now from the one spot in Night Vale that remains truly ours, the studios of the Night Vale Community Radio Station."
  • We Interrupt This Program: Lauren and Kevin interrupt the show's announcer at the beginning of the show

    Today's Proverb: 'Wonderwall' is the only '90s song visible from space.