Recap / Welcome To Night Vale Ep 40 The Deft Bowman

"The riddle says: 'He walks on four legs in the morning. He walks on two legs at midday. And at night, he slithers from dream to dream effortlessly, like the air we breathe. And we love him.' Welcome to Night Vale."

The Telephone Service finally fixes the only telephone booth in town, and a submarine arrives from faraway Nulogorsk. Plus, a new campaign from the Tourism Board, we meet our station's newest program director, and strange texts from a mountaintop, if you can believe that.

Tropes present in The Deft Bowman include:

  • Genius Bonus: The title of the episode is a synonymization of Able Archer, a NATO military exercise held in 1983 (the year in which Nulogorsk is stuck in) that almost led to full scale nuclear war when the Soviet Union confused it with preparations for a nuclear strike.
  • Otherworldly and Sexually Ambiguous: The Sheriff's Secret Police's genderless spokesbeing who has smoothly beautiful features and a voice that calms animals.