Recap / Welcome To Night Vale Ep 33 Cassette

"Perhaps you noticed something strange yesterday. And perhaps you have forgotten it. Welcome to Night Vale."

Cecil finds an old set of cassette tapes made by himself as a teenager in the Night Vale radio internship program. What starts out as a pleasant exercise in nostalgia soon turns disturbing as discrepancies start to appear between the account on tape and Cecil's own recollections of his past.

Tropes present in Cassette include:

  • Arc Words: A young Cecil randomly compares the radio station to "a Dark Planet, lit by no sun".
  • Call-Back: In an earlier episode Cecil recalls something his mother used to say to him: "Cecil, one day someone's going to kill you, and it's going to involve a mirror." At the end of the cassette tape, something comes out of the mirror at Cecil, and we are treated to ten seconds of unpleasant squelching sounds before the tape cuts off.
  • Cozy Voice for Catastrophes: Averted with the old station master, apparently. Cecil mourns that he'll never be a good radio host because he'll never manage the same kind of high, nasal, screeching voice that is appropriate for community radio.
  • Mind Screw: What the hell happened to Young!Cecil at the end?
  • Tomato in the Mirror: Well, something in the mirror, anyway. The conclusion of the cassette tape casts considerable doubt on the reliability of Cecil's memory, or even if he is the same person as the young Cecil on tape. Cecil chooses to deal with this by way of complete denial.

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