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Recap: The X Files S 07 E 17 All Things

tropes provided by this episode:

  • all lowercase letters: it was gillian anderson's stylistic choice when she named the episode "all things".
  • Crop Circles: Agent Mulder plans a trip to England to investigate a case of highly complex formations of Crop Circles that keep appearing in a pattern. Agent Scully is of course not interested in tracking down some sneaky farmers who happened to ace geometry in high school.
  • Did They or Didn't They?: This episode seems to imply that Mulder and Scully did, with Scully dressing in Mulder's bathroom and then leaving, while Mulder nakedly slumbers in a rumpled bed.
  • The Mistress: What Scully was revealed to be, in her past with Dr. Waterston. Their affair went far enough to tear apart Dr. Waterston's family after Scully left.

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