Strange things have been happening on a Pawnee reservation in Oklahoma and the agents are sent to investigate. West and the territorial commissioner, Col. Mayo, are soon abducted by Mr. Singh (Creator/BorisKarloff), a former maharajah; he, his daughter Veda and his three sons emigrated to the U. S. from Karipoor and built a castle on reservation land. Singh wants West to teach his sons the art of killing. While West and Gordon work to free the captives, someone else sets their own evil plans in motion...

!!Tropes present in this episode:
* AsYouKnow: The BigBad herds Jim, Artie and Veda at gunpoint into the cellar of the palace (which is on American soil and owned by Indians - long story) where most of the episode takes place and says, "We are in the cellar of the palace." Veda and her family ''live'' in said palace...
* BadassGrandpa: Mr. Singh. [[spoiler:Though elderly, [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome he kills the two men guarding him]] before staggering off after Mayo. Mayo shoots him but Singh still manages to bring about Mayo's death while drawing his own dying breaths.]]
* FictionalCountry: The Singh family is from a very thinly disguised version of India.
* FluffyTamer: The Singhs enjoy keeping various dangerous animals around as house pets, especially big cats.
* KarmicDeath: [[spoiler:Col. Mayo drowns in the very oil he was scheming to get hold of.]]
* PublicSecretMessage: When Artie comes to Jim's rescue, it's by posing as an Indian mystic demonstrating the famous rope trick. How does he let Jim know it's him without alerting everyone else in the room as well? By subtly inserting a few choice references into his mystic chanting.
-->'''Artie''': I call upon the powers of the north... of the east... of the south... of the WEST!