Recap / The Three Stooges A Plumbing We Will Go

A Plumbing We Will Go is the 46th short subject starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges, released April 19, 1940.

On trial for stealing chickens from a hen house, the trio are found not guilty due to apparently insufficient evidence. However, Curly pulls out his hat and chicken feathers fly out, which he claims is merely dandruff. As they exit, they antagonize a police officer (Bud Jamison). Next, they try to catch some food at a pet store by fishing in an aquarium tank with a rod and reel. The same police officer sees them. They hide, and Curly punches a mannequin of a police officer. While repeating this for Moe and Larry, the same officer from the courtroom shows up, and punches Curly after he remarked that he always wanted to punch a cop. The Stooges run away and steal a plumber's van. The police officer runs after the van and gets on its trailer. Curly and Larry disconnect it, and the officer falls off. After several minutes of driving, Moe stops the car and Larry and Curly fall out. A butler approaches them and says, "HEY! I called you plumbers an hour ago!" Curly begins to explain but notices that the police officer is coming closer. They run inside with the plumber's equipment. They are told that the leak is in the basement, and they spend the rest of the short, predictably, ruining the mansion in an attempt to fix the leak.

The film is a fan favorite, highest rated on International Movie Database, and was also a personal favorite of Curly's.


  • Bigger on the Inside: The magician's box at the end of the short, which the stooges run out of while being chased by an entire police force.
  • Courtroom Antics: Briefly.
  • Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Project: Their attempts at plumbing had water coming out of the stove, the light bulbs, telephones, and a very primitive television set.
  • Hello Again, Officer: The officer from the courtroom at the beginning of the episode has two more run-ins with the stooges throughout the short, after catching them trying to catch an aquarium fish.
  • High-Class Glass: The owner of the mansion apparently doesn't even take his off in the shower.
  • Hot Pursuit: Mostly on foot.
  • Pipe Pain: Administered by Moe.
  • Plank Gag: Done with pipes this time.
  • Right Behind Me: While Curly is talking about how he's always wanted to punch a cop right in the nose, one comes up behind him.
  • Rump Roast: Curly accidentally burns Moe's butt with a blow torch.
  • Stage Magician: The stooges intrude on a magician's act while evading the cop.