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Recap: The Spectacular Spider-Man S 1 E 4 Market Forces
Ain't nothin' personal, hoss. Simple truth is, if a man's a man, he honors his responsibilities, and you're one of mine.

A TriCorp truck finds itself being boxed in by other trucks, and pushed into the compartment of the one in front of it. The driver tries to call in help, but is taken out by knockout gas. One soldering iron later, it's revealed that the job was pulled off by Montana of the Enforcers who presents the truck's cargo to Hammerhead, who instead tells him to don it since he still owes the Big Man one Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Morning finds Peter Parker lying in bed in his Spider-Man costume, with the covers down. Aunt May's entry awakens Peter who barely manages to conceal his costume. Aunt May informs Peter that she'll be at Anna Watson's house and that breakfast is waiting downstairs. Peter learns that breakfast is waffles, but notices that Aunt May has been holding off on paying the bills. Aunt May returns and tells Peter that she's met Anna's niece Mary Jane. When May reveals that this "lovely girl" has a "wonderful personality," Peter shudders and blows off the opportunity to meet Ms. Watson by explaining to Aunt May that he has help Harry Osborn study.

While webslinging to the Osborn's apartment, Peter tries to patch things up with Eddie over the Lizard fiasco, unaware that he's being watched. Eddie says that he'll get over it, but that Peter should keep his distance for the time being. Peter arrives at the apartment and runs into Norman as he exits the elevator. Norman once again lavishes praise on Peter, making things awkward for Harry. Peter checks his email on Harry's computer and discovers an e-vite to the Midtown High Fall Formal. Harry points out that neither have dates. Peter jokes that he could always ask Mary Jane, Harry reveals he was going to ask Gwen, but they're both distracted when Peter finds an email from J. Jonah Jameson telling him that he can pick up the money he's owed for his pictures of Spider-Man and the Lizard.

Upon arriving at the Bugle however, Jameson throws Peter out again, not realizing that he's the one he's waiting for. His secretary Betty Brant points out the mistake, and Jameson has her bring Parker back in. Jameson tells Peter that he wants more pictures in two hours, and then barks for him to get out when Peter stammers that he'll try.

Looking for action to photograph, Spider-Man notices a car driving somewhere in a pretty big hurry. Following it to a dump, Spider-Man realizes it's Flint Marko and Alex O'Hirn behind the wheel. Setting up his camera and securing his paycheck, Spider-Man quickly takes down the two Mooks as usual, before being hit by a sonic blast. The blast's source is Montana wearing the stolen goods: a battle suit and vibrational gauntlets. Montana dubs himself Shocker when asked who he is, and continues blasting away. Not realizing that this is the same man who was firing at him from a helicopter a few days ago, Spider-Man finds that he can't land a hit that damages Montana/Shocker because of the vibrational capabilities of his suit. He also finds that this makes it impossible to grab Shocker after he tries a sneak attack after dodging a truck commandeered by O'Hirn. Despite the unintentional hindrance, Shocker manages to blast Spider-Man into a trash compactor and activates it. Thinking he's squashed the bug, Shocker calls for extraction, ignoring the pleas for help from Marko, instead blasting him free of Spider-Man's webbing and leaving the two idiots to fend for themselves.

No sooner have Marko, O'Hirn and Shocker fled the scene than Spider-Man breaks out of the cube of garbage he was in, having survived thanks to being shoved into a refrigerator. To Spidey's dismay, this means he reeks and his paycheck's ruined. Also ruined is the study session for Harry. Peter feels bad but he promises Harry in gym class that he'll be there to tutor Harry that night before reminding Harry that he's up for climbing the rope. Harry falls, and is quickly ridiculed by Flash. Peter challenges Flash to a rope-climbing race, but Flash backs down when he smells Peter. Gwen shouts at Peter to throw her back a volleyball that's been sitting there, but Peter accidentally smacks her in the back of the head with it. Angrily, the coach orders Peter to hit the showers.

Peter returns to the Daily Bugle to get a replacement check from Betty, who introduces him to city editor Robbie Robertson. Robertson happens to be the father of Peter's classmate (and Sally Avril's boyfriend) Randy. Robertson is impressed that Peter has gotten usable photos twice, but tells him that he's going to need a new camera if he wants to get great shots. Jameson arrives on the scene, tears through Peter's photos, picks one that shows Shocker beating Spider-Man, tells Peter that people want to see a hero fail because it makes them feel better about themselves, and advises Peter that the perfume he's wearing won't mask the stench of the dump, but tomato juice will.

Peter tries to buy a new camera using the money he's made, but the shop owner has closed early and acts oddly suspicious. Peter decides to check it out as Spider-Man, and discovers that Marko and O'Hirn are robbing the place without fear because they believe Spider-Man is dead. Spidey quickly proves them wrong and tells them to deliver a message to Shocker: he wants a rematch.

Arriving home, Peter sees Aunt May trying to decide which bills to hold off on. Peter almost offers to help her with his money, but remembers he has to buy a new camera. And then, thanks to a comment from Aunt May, he remembers that he's blown Harry off again, who is furious at him. Peter's put in a better mood however by his new camera, and then runs into Betty. After an awkward attempt at conversation, Peter asks her to the Fall Formal, but Betty politely turns him down saying she's too old for him. Just then, a mysterious tremor rocks the street. In the newsroom, Betty and Peter learns thats that's the third one in the last hour. Realizing it's a trail, Peter pinpoints its end and tracks down Shocker to a condemned theater.

Shocker attacks again, spouting about how Spider-Man living is bad for business. Although he won't tell Spider-Man whose business it's bad for, Shocker assures him that it's nothing personal, it's just his responsibility. Using some Deadly Dodging, Spider-Man tricks Shocker into bringing down the house, ending the fight.

Harry arrives home and vents to Norman who tells him to take responsibility and control of his destiny. Norman then returns to a meeting with Hammerhead, who is there with a proposal: since Norman tipped them off to the shipment of the Shocker suit, the Big Man wants Oscorp to manufacture supervillains to distract Spider-Man from the Big Man's smaller operations. Osborn agrees after being promised ample funding and human guinea pigs for the more questionable attempts.

Meanwhile, Bugle reporter Ned Lee arrives on the scene of the fight and sees Montana webbed up with a calling card left on top of the suit. Ned calls Robbie who reveals that Peter's already sent pictures, and that he still needs a new camera. Peter presents Aunt May with his Bugle money to pay the bills, quoting back what Shocker said about a man honoring his responsibilities. Aunt May agrees on the condition that he set aside a portion to buy the new camera.

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