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Recap: The Spectacular Spider-Man S 1 E 13 Nature Vs Nurture
We're poison to Peter Parker and Spider-Man! WE'RE VENOM!!!
Venom/Eddie Brock

Having rid himself of the symbiote, Peter reneges in on his deal with Tombstone by apprehending a group of masked goons and giving him their masks as a warning. Following his departure, Tombstone is approached by Venom, who offers to take up the job Spider-Man rejected. Tombstone accepts on one condition: Spider-Man's head. The next morning at the hospital, Peter visits his aunt and leaves a picture of Uncle Ben, berating himself for his callous behaviour. At school, he thanks Flash for the reality check, and Flash begrudgingly acknowledges him but warns him not to mention it to anyone... or else. He also apologizes to his friends for snapping at them the other day, and Liz invites him to help hold the school football team's mascot balloon at the Thanksgiving's Day parade, but Peter says he intends to bring Aunt May home and Gwen, urged on by Mary Jane, awkwardly volunteers to help him. MJ informs Peter about Eddie's grudge, and Peter calls to apologize. Venom answers the phone, sinisterly saying he'll meet up with Peter shortly. At the hospital, May is given a clean bill of health and is eager to get home to prepare dinner, but Peter volunteers to handle Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, he makes a mess of the kitchen, and discovers the vial of Gene Cleanser he had taken following the Lizard Incident while changing into his Spider-Man costume. Peter contemplates drinking it, but is attacked by Venom, who reveals he knows who Peter is. Peter recognizes the symbiote and expresses disbelief that it survived and bonded to another human, but Venom sneers at him and easily defeats him, saying that he intends to make Peter suffer for rejecting the symbiote.

Peter realizes Venom is targeting Aunt May and chases him to the hospital, where Aunt May is examining an anonymously-given get well card sent by Venom. Spider-Man attacks him before he can strike, and Venom opts to target Peter's Love Interest, revealing himself as Eddie Brock. Thinking Venom would target Mary Jane, Spider-Man rushes to the parade, where Flash is attempting to flirt with MJ, discovering too late that Eddie's actual target is Gwen, chasing after them only to find Gwen's discarded saxophone. He finds her suspended from the Midtown High mascot balloon, but before he can rescue her Venom attacks, revealing he is immune to Peter's Spider-Sense due to the "quality time" Spider-Man and "Symbie" spent together. Spider-Man tries to persuade Eddie to reject the symbiote, but Venom rebukes him, preventing him from reaching the balloon as the symbiote's webbing suspending Gwen begins to fray. Spider-Man goads Venom into slashing the balloon so that it would land gently, but Venom snaps the line and tackles Spider-Man when he attempts to carry Gwen to safety. She is caught by the football team, and Spider-Man attempts to take Venom down but is sent flying through a water tower. Realizing he can't win on his own and that the symbiote is trying to prove a point, Peter offers himself to it. Venom initially scoffs at the notion, but Eddie slips up with his first-person pronouns and the symbiote immediately abandons him, causing him to pass out. It attempts to bond to Peter again, only to realize it was tricked and is once again repelled by The Power of Friendship. Peter prevents it from rebonding to Eddie by scooping it into a sack and dropping it into a pool of freshly-poured concrete. Peter returns home to find Aunt May already there, and Gwen and Captain Stacey arrive with dinner and help him clean up the mess he had made, and after dinner Peter dumps the Gene Cleanser down the drain, declaring helping people as Spider-Man to be his destiny. As the Stacys prepares to leave, Peter and Gwen awkwardly say good night, before Gwen suddenly kisses him, leaving Peter reminded of Venom's sinister threats.

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