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Recap: The Smurfs Special 5 Smurfily Ever After
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The Wedding Day special of The Smurfs.

In the story, the Cute Mute woodelf Laconia and her beloved Woody come to Papa Smurf to ask if he would be willing to marry them. Papa Smurf agrees to do so, but the Smurfs decide to make their wedding a monumental occasion. While the Smurfs make all sorts of preparations for the wedding, Smurfette imagines herself being married to several of her fellow Smurfs, only to find that none of them are quite right for her. Also during the preparations, Gargamel catches wind of the upcoming wedding and decides to crash it by creating an Ominous Pipe Organ called the Ghoulliope that would hypnotize the Smurfs into walking into a boiling cauldron. Laconia, who conveniently in this special turns out to be a deaf-mute, is immune to the effects of the Ghoulliope's Mind Control Music and thus rescues Smurfette by plugging her ears with pillows so that they can work together on rescuing their fellow Smurfs and the assembled guests. Although the massive wedding ceremony was ruined, Woody and Laconia still get married, showing what really matters when it comes to having the perfect wedding is that there is love.

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