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Recap: The Smurfs S 1 E 8 King Smurf
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An Animated Adaptation of The Smurfs comic book story of the same name (original French title Le Schtroumpfissime).

In the story, Papa Smurf goes off to find some rare wrinkle root and leaves his little Smurfs to take care of the village dam while he's gone. Brainy takes it upon himself to be the leader of the entire village, but when his direct approach fails to get his fellow Smurfs to follow him without question, he resorts to using Harmony as his official herald and Hefty as his captain of the guard, declaring himself to be "King Smurf". Soon he has a palace built for himself for all to admire and pay him the proper respect, though only Harmony stays around to praise Brainy with "Long live King Smurf". When Jokey plays one of his "surprise" pranks on Hefty, he gets sent before King Smurf, who after being pranked by Jokey sends him into prison, causing the other Smurfs to revolt and break him out of prison before fleeing into the forest in the middle of the night. Fearing that the rebel Smurfs would gather more allies to overthrow him, King Smurf orders the other Smurfs in the village to build a high fence around it to protect themselves and to discourage others from joining the rebels. Nonetheless, the rebels storm the gates of the village and break through the defenses, engaging their fellow Smurfs in a civil war that was only stopped by Papa Smurf returning, reminding them of the village dam that they failed to take care of, as it is now leaking. The Smurfs drop everything and work together to seal up the dam, though it end up costing King Smurf his castle. Brainy sees how wrong he is in assuming such authority upon himself and decides to clean up the mess he has made, with the other Smurfs deciding to join him. As for Brainy's King Smurf clothes, they were used in the creation of a scarecrow.

Tropes associated with this episode include

  • Adaptational Villainy: Brainy, who in the original comic book version was a contender for the role of the village leader but was outvoted in favor of the Smurf who became King Smurf, takes on the titular role in this adaptation.
  • Balcony Speech: Brainy as King Smurf gives one after entering his newly-completed castle. Only Harmony remains to give Brainy praise for it.
  • Compressed Adaptation: Brainy becomes King Smurf without the election that takes place in the original story. Also, the forest expedition that King Smurf goes on to find the rebel Smurfs has been removed.
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